Which Warehouse Club Is Best?

Which Warehouse Club Is Best?
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Which Warehouse Club Is Best?
While the economy is in rough times, Costco Wholesale, BJ's Wholesale Club and Sam's Club are in a sweet spot. So Smart Money set out for an unscientific survey of the Big Three. Its goal was to find the cost of a basket of 10 comparable grocery items purchased at each of the three stores, while checking out the selection and service along the way.

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First Up: BJ's
Number of stores: 178
Location: 16 Eastern states
Membership fee: $45

Pros: Wide selection of items, very friendly staff, modest prices.

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Cons: Loud TVs with infomercials line the aisles, no wine section.

In Summary: BJ's offers an overall pleasant shopping experience and affordable prices. Total shopping cost: $55.35.

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Number of stores: 593
Location: Nationwide
Membership fee: $40

Pros: Wide shopping aisles, exotic seafood choices, quality products.

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Cons: Lots of imposing security cameras, no express checkout lane, less selection than BJ's.

In Summary: Sam's Club has a smaller selection than BJ's, but has quality products. Checkout prices are nearly the same as BJ's. Total shopping cost: $55.66.

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Number of stores: 393
Location: Nationwide
Membership fee: $50

Pros: Freshest baked goods, high-end wine choices, slightly more brands than Sam's Club.

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Cons: Most expensive membership fee, fewer brands available than BJ's, messy food court area, uncleaned milk spills in the dairy aisle, most expensive checkout cost.

In Summary: Costco has a better selection of higher-end items, but you'll pay more for everyday shopping. Total shopping cost: $62.31.

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For our money, the best of the bunch was the one with the lowest prices, widest selection and friendliest service: BJ's.

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