Best Retirement Gigs

Best Retirement Gigs
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Best Retirement Gigs
If you think leaving your career means ending your adventures in life, you are mistaken. We asked our AOL users to tell us how they are making money and having fun in retirement. Click through our gallery to get innovative ideas.
Submitted by: Per4m2000

"Retirement did not last long for me. After a couple of years on a boat I had had enough and looked to get reconnected. I discovered Executive Coaching. I now coach executives on relationships as well as on learning to find balance between work and family. It is extraordinarily interesting work and I find the rewards to be both psychological and financial.The older one gets the more credibility they have and this is a business where age works to your advantage not against you..."
Submitted by: RGambatese

"After I retired, I started working part time giving tours and pouring wine at an historic winery in the Napa Valley. I meet people from all over the world and enjoy some of the best wine in the world. What a great retirement job!"
Submitted by: Donuthin

"Found this job called Driving Instructor! Not as scary as it sounds! I have a brake on my side! Teaching private lessons and Driver Education is a job that's lets say isn't for everyone! To me it's a fun job and I enjoy meeting drivers of all ages and instructing them on the finer points that will make them a safer more confident driver, and hopefully make the roads a safer place to be!"
Submitted by: LOTRHM1

"I retired after 32 years in the aerospace industry and became a relationship coach for Ask Mars Venus. I get to talk to people on the phone from all over the world, while working from home. I help people who are having troubles in their relationships & their lives. I help men and women figure out how the 'opposite sex' thinks. I teach them effective communication and conflict resolution skills and how to get what they really want. It's the best gig in the universe!"
Submitted by: MortgagesEditor

"When I was vacationing with my family this summer at a KOA (Kampground of America) we ran into a retired couple who stayed in the resort-like campground in their travel trailer for free in exchange for working in a minimal number of hours per week--maybe 10 hours...The work was really light (driving golf cart to show campers their "spot" or working in the little camp store). This couple really seemed to enjoy the lifestyle..."
Submitted by: ZephyrCJW

"As a chronic pain patient, I received a recommendation for medical marijuana from my physician. Here in California, we have that option. There are many clubs around the area, and one day when I walked in I saw a sign that said "Help Wanted." I worked there about a year, had a great time, [and] met a lot of very unusual (and funny) people. I was what they called a "bud tender." I would listen to the patients and make cannabis strain recommendations based on their needs..."
Submitted by: Debbiesklar

"I live in a retirement community and I pet sit. Talk about the perfect job. I love pets."
Submitted by: Phanntom

"When my dad retired he was just hanging around the house until one day he [took] his car into the dealer for service. While he was waiting and chatting with the Service Manager people kept coming [up] wanting to know if he could spare anyone to drive a car to another dealer in another city. My dad told them he could do it. After he did that one [other dealers] kept calling him, and before long he was busier than he ever was working..."
Submitted by: Wfpatt
"After teaching and supervising mathematics for over 30 years, I rode off into the sunset with every intention of penning another math textbook. Then it dawned on me that the students haven't finished reading the two I've already written. So my fantasy turned to fiction and I've written five screenplays, which I've since adapted to novels. My latest mystery novel, "Pretty Maids," has been nominated by the Georgia Writers Association as Novel of the Year. Is that a dream retirement job or what?"
Submitted by: Bchrastka

"I got a part time job at my local library in the Reader's Advisory Department. This is like being a personal shopper at Nordstrom, only for books. There is no stress. I meet a lot of my neighbors, and since I'm a reader, it's like working in the candy store. So far, I can't think of any drawbacks. And, oh yes, I get paid for this."
Submitted by: DooWaDitty1

"My husband and I have been married for 41 years and we both retired...We had too much energy to sit still and we missed being with people. Solution. I went to work three days a week, five hours a day for Target and he became a greeter for Wal-Mart. Needless to say the pay isn't all that great, but we both get a 10% discount, have great evening conversations and a lot of laughs...You need to stay in touch with life in order to stay alive."
Submitted by: Rnjnogle

"I am a military retiree, bank retiree, and at the age of 66 I decided to bag groceries for around 6 months. Well here it is nearly 10 years since and I am finally starting to feel old and really am slowing down but feel if I suddenly quit I would probably die. It is such fun flirting with all the women and playing with their kids that I will probably stay a few more years and will have a serious look at retiring when I reach 79 or maybe 80. My wife is not the jealous type so who knows when."
Submitted by: Darby1044

"I Retired [and] moved a mile from a golf course, volunteered to work as a ranger, and it evolved into a part-time position. The best part is that I can play golf at several courses for free, paying only for the golf cart if I want to ride that day. I'm hoping to be able to do the same at the ski resort nearby also!"
Submitted by: Seversonda

"I took a job as a sleep-over person in a group home for mentally challenged adults (2 in the house). The people are self sufficient but just can't be left alone at night. I go to "work" at 11:00 p.m. and sleep until 7:00 a.m. in my own assigned very comfortable bedroom and go home and have the days to do whatever I want. I do this from Sunday through Thursday and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Creamy job."
Submitted by: strictm4m
"...I got a job with my local town as a security guard at the marina one mile from my house...Instead of a long commute, and a lousy job that was hard and annoying, I now work around the corner from my house, literally sitting on the dock of the bay...I now go to work with a cooler, a TV, DVD player, and even sometimes my dog comes along. I get exercise walking around the marina while I'm keeping an eye on the boats. I meet and talk to all the people I never knew from my town...The pay is just ok, but it's relaxing and a really nice cool gig..."
Submitted by: Nursekim1988

"My Mom recently retired and is now a crossing guard. She loves it! The kids are so cute, she comes home with funny stories everyday."
Submitted by: ELJV

"I work for a pharmacy and we have a free delivery service. Everyday I go to several retirement dwellings to deliver prescriptions. I am encouraged to establish a good business relationship and I love to visit with these interesting people. I get paid to gab!"
Submitted by: Rg9628

"For a local job, short hours, and easy work, obtain a part-time job as a courier. There are many jobs looking for you, as a 'part-timer.' While the pay is not in the millionaires' range, it keeps you active and out of the house most of the day."
Submitted by: Berrg68

"When I stopped working 10 years ago I began to substitute in special academies that are part of the county vocational system...I am having a ball. Do you have any idea what it feels like to be in a school that the students want to be in? After 25 years in a traditional high school I feel like [I have] died and gone to teacher heaven...On average I earn about $10,00.00 in a year when I just go in on the regular day by day call...I don't intend to stop any time soon."
Submitted by: Cowgirlms63

"After my retirement from an elevator company I now work part time at a large toy store. It is the best job I have ever had, getting to see all the little tikes with their big smiles."
Submitted by: PMompattyG
"...Pacific Intercultural Exchange welcomes retirees to work with our international high school students while they are in the US attending school. The students all speak English and come from a variety of countries including Russia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Germany, Lebanon, Spain and South Korea...Responsibilities include contacting students and host families each month, interviewing potential families and talking with school administrators..."
Submitted by: RSchwers
"My retirement has been as incredible as an alpine ski instructor at the Big Sky Resort in Montana. I have been doing this on a full time basis here for 16 years and it is a real joy...Daily skiing keeps me in good physical condition and I love the clean mountain air environment and the Big Skies of Montana. I am living my dream, having just remarried after losing my wife of 47 years five years ago. "
Submitted by: TBEAB91

"I left my real job working for NYC after a successful career as law enforcement officer. I collect a very nice pension every month. Now I work in the private industry as a chauffeur/bodyguard and occasional manny(Male nanny). They pay me six figures and I get the summers off. Good country America. My advice to all of you who are young: get a city job that you can retire from in 20 years. Collect a pension and get another job. I did this life change at 40 and have not looked back since."
Submitted by: FlScot1

"This is a cool gig, not always the best hours and every now and again a really rude and obnoxious guest, but the kids are cute and the parents are fun. You get to do your own spiel and that can be fun. Full time and part time are available. I loved it for several years."
Submitted by: Marlenemoff
"After my husband retired we moved to Palm Springs, CA. I found three of the greatest, most interesting jobs ever. 1. Dresser to a Palm Springs Follies dancer. She was a 62 year old former "exotic" dancer...2. Tour guide for Senior Citizen Tour Groups...3. Narrator, guide for Palm Springs Windmill Tours. Learned more than I ever wanted to know about wind energy. Next stop - Greeter at WalMart."
Submitted by: AnyEyeball
"I get "illnesses scenarios" sent to me...I learn the symptoms, script about what my medical history is, medications, etc. The students interview me to find out what my complaint/symptoms/history is...they do a physical exam to go along with the interview...I get to give them feedback on how they performed...It's rewarding to know that I am helping the students to learn how to interact with patients and teaching them the "little things" that patients appreciate..."
Submitted by: Tdvd517

"I'm an Entertainer,and I Sing and Play My Guitar for Senior Living Residences, I'm doing songs now that I couldn't do in the Clubs I used to Perform in when I was Younger. Its really cool Singing the Standards,Hey!,look at Rod Stewert and Others. I love It."