Award-Winning Fakes

Award-Winning Fakes
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Award-Winning Fakes
Can you tell the difference between these watches? On the left is a FORTIS B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph wristwatch that runs for $2,000 to $2,300, and on the right is a counterfeit. Counterfeits like this cheat designers and innovators out of their hard-earned money. At the world's largest annual consumer goods fair, the "Plagiarius Awards" shame counterfeiters and distributors of fake goods. (Originals are shown on the left, copies on the right.)
First Prize
Original Manufacturer: WMF, Geislingen/Steige, Germany
Copier: Shantou Lian Plastic Products, Guangdong, China

The good design of the the Two-in-One salt-and-pepper shaker set attracted strong imitation. The copy -- rendered in plastic rather than metal -- looked so similar to the original that the judges awarded it first place.
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Second Prize
Original Manufacturer: B'rner Kunststoff- und Metallwarenfabrik, Niederkail, Germany
Distributor: Mesa Products, Doetinchem, the Netherlands

The Trend-Line V3 vegetable slicer knockoff is an exact copy, but the brand name has been deleted.

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Third Prize
Original Manufacturer: Pneumatex, F'llinsdorf, Switzerland
Copier: Heinrich Winkelmann, Ahlen, Germany

This counterfeit product looked so similar in form factor, color, and even the label shape that some Pneumatex employees couldn't tell the difference at first glance.
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Original Manufacturer: A.F. Dornbracht, Iserlohn, Germany
Distributor: Wenzhou Foreign Trade Industrial Product, Zhejiang, China and Selectronica, Frankfurt, Germany

Visually, Dornbracht's three-hole basin mixer is almost identical to the Chinese copy.

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Original Manufacturer: Gebr'der Niessing, Vreden, Germany
Copier: Horst Stichnoth, Hannover, Germany

High-end German jeweler Gebr'der Niessing's braided bracelets -- two or more strands of flat gold or platinum -- were copied by competitor Horst Stichnoth in steel.
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