Bargain Store Savvy: To Thrift or Not To Thrift?

Bargain Store Savvy: To Thrift or Not To Thrift?
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Bargain Store Savvy: To Thrift or Not To Thrift?
Got a mall brand you trust? Look for it at the thrift store, instead. You'll still love that argyle sweater in 18 months when the original owner gets sick of it.
This raincoat is cute, but my son begs for a hood (I digged, but never found it). Now I'll have to buy him a new one, too.
Would you ever buy one of these at a retail store? Probably, and it would set you back $30 to $50. At Goodwill? It's less than $5.
I bought these wooden Thomas trains at the Bins, and many months later was left wondering if they weren't recalled. How would I know? There was no product information on either of them. I ended up removing them from circulation because it was better safe than sorry.
10% of the cost, and if you break it, you won't mind (as much)
Don't eat your metal when you don't want to. Buy baking tins brand-new. The snarky-sharky oven mitt? Definitely thrift it!
Price in boutique: $10 to $40. Price at thrift store: $1 or less. Average total hours of use: 20. You do the math.
I saved a couple of dollars by buying this 'Berenstain Bears' book at a garage sale. But the speed at which the pages rip out makes me several dollars' worth of crazy.
My boys can turn a pristine watercolor set into blackness in 20 brilliantly happy minutes. I'm so glad I didn't pay $2.99 for this!
I don't want you to buy these toys, anyway. But you should find it telling that someone else found the spendy toys too offensive for their own home...
This Betty Crocker Cooky Book is a classic and I paid only 50 cents for it; I've found a good half of my favorite cookie recipes here!
If you're anything like me, you hated your maternity clothes so much by your ninth month, you wished it could all go in the trash -- BEFORE the baby came! No point paying big for what you won't love (and won't use at all) next year.