5 Businessmen Who Could Compete With Bruce Wayne

5 Businessmen Who Could Compete With Bruce Wayne
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5 Businessmen Who Could Compete With Bruce Wayne

CEO, Microsoft (MSFT)
Net worth: $15.7 billion
Nickname: "Boisterous Boy"
Powers and abilities: Can knock you over with his close-talking, loud voice, and unpredictable monkey boy stage dancing. Ballmer's gadgetry would look awkward and sometimes break down, but beware his dreaded Blue Screen of Death!

CEO, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) (BRK-B)
Net worth: $44 billion
Nickname: "The Brain"
Powers and abilities: Able to analyze and dissect any situation in a single home-spun phrase, evil plots fall apart in the seconds it takes for him to clear his throat and adjust his high-powered spectacles.

Vice chairman, Berkshire Hathaway
Net worth: $1 billion
Nickname: "The Octo-Instigator"
Powers and abilities: Buffett's octogenarian sidekick is able to unleash rapid-fire barrages of withering commentary that reveal economists, gold bugs, and supervillains for the ninnies they really are.

CEO, Apple (AAPL)
Net worth: unknown, but probably rising
Nickname: "2.0"
Powers and abilities: After years of studying with his now-deceased Zen master, Steve Jobs, Cook has developed amazing levels of dexterity, useful for dodging not only enemies but also difficult questions about the future of Apple's products.

CEO, Oracle (ORCL)
Net worth: $36 billion
Nickname: "The Puzzler"
Powers and abilities: Uses bluster, bizarre logic, and rapier-sharp sarcasm to confuse Wall Street, impress acquisition targets, and throw off enemies bent on destroying him.

As a segment of the entertainment business, comic books are rare in that they not only offer fertile ground for investors, but also for creators. Imagine anything and you can bring it to life in the pages of comic. Witness what AMC Networks (AMCX) has done with Image Comics' hit series The Walking Dead.

In that spirit, let's end this adventure with a creative exercise. Who's your favorite would-be billionaire superhero? Or, even better, how would you go about fighting crime if you had Batman's resources and know-how? Would you master the martial arts? Corner the financial markets? Something entirely different? Please weigh in using the comments box below.