2011 Top Holiday Products

2011 Top Holiday Products
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2011 Top Holiday Products

Christmas is four months away and already people are weighing in on which holiday toys and gadgets will be worth the credit card debt. Online shopping comparison site PriceGrabber is one of the first to release a "top products" list of the items it predicts will be this year's hottest.

To come up with the list, PriceGrabber analyzed its own keyword searches as well as the top selling products from the past several months, says Sharon Banfield, PriceGrabber spokeswoman. It also looked at which products were trending on Google and on websites like CNET and PCWorld.

18-megapixel DSLR camera. High quality image and video; easy to use for beginners. Gadget blog Gizmodo called the camera “incredible,” recommending it as the go-to starter DSLR camera. $829.

2011’s version of the board game. Except there’s no board and no paper money, only flashing plastic “loopz” that look like space-age wine holders. $22.99.

This Mickey Mouse knows how to do the moonwalk. It is also weirdly similar to the dancing Mickey of artist Kenneth Anger’s 2004 short film, Mouse Heaven. (Don’t watch this unless you’ve kept your Dance Star Mickey receipt. You’ve been warned.) $60.

Is it a stuffed animal? Or a pillow? In case this radical fusion of two products confuses you, the company's website gives some background: "Pillow Pets add true function to that warm and wonderful feeling by combining the security of a stuffed animal with the functionality of a pillow .... The concept for the snuggly companions was the brainchild of a San Diego-based mother of two, who had grown tired of picking up stuffed animals strewn across her children’s rooms."  $20.

The Amazon Kindle 3, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader: EBooks are great. They weigh nothing and can never be burned by dictators. Here are some sites to help you compare different models.

Comfortable, warm and completely divorced from the high schoolers in mini-skirts who made them famous five years ago. Well, almost. Maybe by Christmastime. $150.

This year’s iPod has the highest screen resolution yet, access to FaceTime, and a built in HD camera. Starting at $200.

Thinner and lighter than the first iPad, with two built-in cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording, and a 10 hour battery. Starting at $498.

This year’s iPod has the highest yet screen resolution, access to FaceTime, and a built in HD Camera. Starting at $200.

The hummingbird of helicopters. A great indoor toy for the winter months. $20.

Set to launch any day now. A mid-market smartphone with a 4-inch touchscreen, a five-row keyboard, and a 8-megapixel camera that records HD videos. Rumored to be starting at $200 with a two-year contract.

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