Money heroes: Their best financial advice

Money heroes: Their best financial advice
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Money heroes: Their best financial advice

Irving Fradkin
Founder, Scholarship America

"If you believe in something, ask for money. You don't ask, you don't get. Ask for $1. Everyone can afford that."

By CNNMoney

Rosemary Shahan
Founder, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety

"Don't buy a certified used car. Instead, get your own inspection for $100 and save thousands. The dealers who do the certifying will okay anything with four wheels."

By CNNMoney

Ann Calahan
President, Joe's House

"Many organizations can help if you've received a shattering diagnosis. You can get free or reduced-cost travel, lodging, child care, career advice -- even a wig."

By CNNMoney

Bonnie Burns
Policy specialist, California Health Advocates

"You must protect a parent's finances when he or she stops driving. Your parent can't get to the doctor or store. If you've had no human contact for days, you're a sitting duck for a salesman at your door." 

By CNNMoney

Helen Karr
Lawyer, San Francisco district attorney's office

"Protect your Social Security number, which is on your Medicare card. Make a copy of that card, masking the last four digits, and carry that with you."

By CNNMoney

Dan Otter

"Don't buy a house until you can make payments and save for retirement. I bought a home 20 years ago -- in a place I didn't love -- that lost 25% of its value in three years. I had no savings and little power to change my situation."

By CNNMoney

Dave Carroll
Maker of "United Breaks Guitars" viral video, customer service champion

"People I met who are now millionaires told me long ago, 'Slow and steady wins the race.' They had a balanced and long-term approach to investing. Don't always try to hit a home run."

By CNNMoney


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