Personal Trainers *Love* This $400 Treadmill For At-Home Cardio Workouts

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Personal Trainers *Love* This $400 Treadmill

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Home gym equipment, especially treadmills, have soared in popularity over the past five years, and for good reason: An at-home tread is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories without having to leave your house. But it can get expensive relatively quickly. Take the top-reviewed Peloton treadmill, which will set you back almost $3,000. But we're here to tell you that you don't need to drop that much dough on a sturdy, reliable tread. Just make sure to focus on the essential features: a machine with a weight capacity at or above 250 pounds, dimensions that will fit your space, and speed and incline capabilities that fit your fitness goals and lifestyle.

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To help you find the best budget treadmills to buy online, we asked a few of our certified trainers what they look for in a treadmill and put a variety of different models to the test ourselves. From basic, beginner-focused treads to sleek, advanced cardio machines, these are the best budget treadmills–even one that’s under $500!–that won't break the bank, so you can crush your running goals without sweating over your budget in 2024.

810 Treadmill

The Schwinn 810 Treadmill is a sleek and sturdy machine with a built-in cushioning system and a wide running belt for a spacious, ultra-quiet ride. These features makes it a standout among the best budget treadmills. This machine boasts a 2.6 horsepower (HP) motor, which–at 1.1 HP higher than the most basic models–makes it powerful enough to withstand up to 275 pounds, a 10 mph speed capacity and a 10% incline capability. How do we know? We put this tread through some tough, high-incline sprints and found it held up well without feeling flimsy or shaky–an impressive feat at this price point.

Plus, after your sweat sesh, the Schwinn 810’s collapsable technology allows you to fold and roll your treadmill out of the way with ease.

This machine weighs in around 200 pounds, which–while allowing it to stay put extremely well–can make for a quite challenging, time-consuming set up without a set of extra hands. The Schwinn's LCD display houses a variety of free virtual running routes, but you’ll miss out Bluetooth compatibility, which is available in pricier models.

Rave Review: “I'd buy it over again in a heartbeat, and I heartily recommend it for a very solid treadmill without the useless bells and whistles–unless you want those, of course!”

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810 Treadmill


7.0 AT Treadmill

Coming in just under $1,000, this rugged treadmill merges quality and affordability. It ticks off our list of must-have features, including a weight capacity of 325 pounds and a max speed of 12 MPH, which should be able to accommodate most runners. The tread houses a decent incline, ranging from 0 to 15 percent. Bonus: our testers say this folds easily, making it ideal for smaller spaces or apartment dwellers. While we wish the Horizon 7.0 had a decline option, it's not a deal breaker, especially at this price point.

Bluetooth capability on this tread keeps you in sync with all of your fitness trackers and classes–including the popular Peloton app–and while some users waited a bit longer than expected for delivery, Horizon’s personalized delivery and assembly options on its site made it well worth the wait for most. MH fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, CSCS, says this is one of his favorite folding treadmills. "It’s not the flashiest model on the market, nor the cheapest," he said in his review. "But, for fitness enthusiasts who love to walk, jog, run, or any combination of the three, it’s a near-perfect option."

Rave Review: “I love everything about this treadmill! Why buy a Peloton Tread when you can spend a quarter of the money and still be able to get the benefit by using the Peloton app?”

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7.0 AT Treadmill


TR150 Folding Treadmill

The Xterra TR150 is one of the least expensive treadmills you’ll find anywhere, but with a lifetime frame warranty, Bluetooth capabilities and a quick and intuitive set-up process, it sacrifices little in quality. This featherlight, compact treadmill’s high-power motor can even hold more than twice its own weight and handle speeds up to 10 mph before being neatly wheeled away and stored at the pull of a knob. It's a go-to treadmill for personal trainers like Ashley Barnett, NASM.

"It has a high capacity and high MPH limit," Barnett previously told WH. "Just by the sturdiness, I could say that this one is great for people who are already active and want to get in extra movement at home."

At under $400, the TR150 displays time, speed, distance, and calories burned front and center across an easy-to-read display to help you conquer indoor workouts, even on a tight budget. According to our own testers, the TR150 still runs smoothly after two years of use.

Rave Review: “I’ve been using it daily since I got it and I’m really happy with my purchase. If you’re looking for a solid treadmill with the basics at a great price, this is a great choice.”

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TR150 Folding Treadmill


F63 Treadmill

The Sole F63 has been one of our fave treadmills since first testing it in 2022, and we're happy to report that this budget tread still holds up today. For starters, it has a capable three horsepower motor with a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour, which is enough for you to get an intense run in. Plus, it has a 15 percent incline, which comes in clutch when you want to switch up your indoor runs—all for around $1,200.

Yeah, it doesn't have the bells and whistles of more expensive models. For example, the F63 doesn't have a big touchscreen display. But it houses a tablet holder, so you can place your iPad or iPhone on it if you needed some entertainment during your jogs.

"This is a solid mid-range option for at-home joggers and runners looking for a step up from more entry-level folding treadmills," Samuel said in his testing.

Rave Review: “It has a great build and operational quality at a price that won't break the bank."

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F63 Treadmill


Carbon TL Treadmill

On its own, ProForm's display screen is no cinematic streaming experience. But at a sub-$800 price point, the ProForm Carbon TL provides many of the standard on-screen features found on pricier models–like calorie count and time remaining. Where it lacks in screen size, it makes up for with a large shelf that can accommodate a wide iPad or tablet.

Plus, the Carbon TL features an impressive durable build in a relatively compact size. It can hold up to 300 pound runners, which is one of the highest weight capacities on this list, but is a couple inches narrower than other machines we've tested. That makes this ideal for small home gym spaces and apartments.

Under the hood, the Carbon TL goes up to 10 miles per hour with an incline of up to 10%. That can probably accommodate most of your everyday runs or jogs. However, larger users and long striders should proceed with caution. Because of its narrow belt, you might feel a bit cramped and unsteady if you're pushing this machine to its top speeds.

Rave Review: “Very happy with this treadmill. Great value with good build quality. It also folds away so it doesn’t take up too much space all the time which is handy."

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EXP 7i Treadmill

It's tough to compete with Sole F63's powerful motor, rapid speeds and steep climbing abilities, but the similarly priced EXP 7i by NordicTrack still comes equipped with a super-sturdy 300-pound weight capacity, a 10 miles per hour max speed, and a 12% incline. It also features a touchscreen that’s comparable to the ProForm Carbon TL's basic design: no bells and whistles, but it gets the job done, especially for just over $1,000.

This well-rounded machine folds up super easily without heavy lifting, and we've found it fits well into just about any pad. But even for its small footprint, you get a belt that's almost 16 inches longer than the standard–perfect for taller runners or those with a lengthy gait. This thing can withstand 300 pounds and holds up through heavy use, but you've got a 10 years warranty just in case.

Rave Review: "Whether you're a heavier person looking for a good way to work out from home without being stared at by people who are more fit than you are (like me) or you're a super fit runner who has completed the Spartan Super, but just don't have the time or right opportunities to go running due to kids, work, or other circumstances (like my wife), I think you'll be very happy with it."

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The Stride-6 is fast, smooth and folds completely vertical. You won't find a better combo of compactness, affordability and spaciousness on this list. Even with a slightly longer belt that's usable for long striders, the entire tread still ships in one piece, so you can start logging miles on the fully assembled machine as soon as it arrives without a cumbersome setup process.

When you're hitting speeds up to 12.4 miles per hour and climbing up to a 12% incline, the Stride-6's easily accessible handlebar speed and incline controls make it easier to maintain your balance, while Bluetooth connectivity and a cutting-edge console keep your phone or tablet connected and in place with minimal wobbles.

Because you can set this thing up by yourself, you might think this must be flimsy. Wrong! This tread holds up to 300 pounds and, in our testing, absorbs impact pretty smoothly. In other words, it's truly worth the price.

Rave Review: “We bought this treadmill because it can fold flat. I must say, I did not expect the unboxing of the product to go so smoothly. I unboxed it by myself, and it took less than 15 minutes before I could go for a run on the treadmill."

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Commercial 1250 Series Treadmill

The NordicTrack Commercial 1250 might have the highest price point on our list, but it still comes in well under $2,000 and features a detail that's incredibly rare at this price point: the ability to decline the running deck. Not only can you run or walk uphill at 12%, but this tread can also train your joints and muscles for downhill movement!

The best pick for anyone who's super tall, the spacious 1250 Series has nearly 80 inches of total belt length so users up to 300 pounds can comfortably travel up to 12 mph without so much as a shake. You won't have to sweat the sturdiness of this tread one bit, but the heavy-duty frame will cost you a bit more than other budget treadmills, and tends to require an extra set of hands or two to set up safely.

Rave Review: “This treadmill has elevated my home gym to a professional level. Its sturdy construction, variety of workouts, and entertainment options have made it the centerpiece of my fitness routine."

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What should I consider before buying a budget treadmill?

When you’re considering buying a budget treadmill, finding a machine under $1,000 that still feels sturdy and spacious, reaches sufficient speeds and incline levels and offers high-tech features and Bluetooth connectivity can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Top-rated budget treadmills–especially those under $500–often sacrifice shiny bells and whistles like cooling fans and training classes to focus on getting the basic features (durability, dimensions, weight capacity, speed limit and incline) right.

But according to personal trainer Claudette Sariya, NASM, the most important factors to consider before investing in a new affordable treadmill should be tailored to your personal lifestyle and goals.

“Three factors that I consider to be the most important as someone who lives in New York City include durability, loudness, and storability,” Sariya says. “Purchasing at-home fitness equipment can be a big investment, so I want to make sure that I'm getting the most bang for my buck while also making sure I'm considerate of my neighbors above and below me and that I can store it away easily and safely.”

Aside from lifestyle factors, be sure to consider a treadmill’s weight capacity and belt width and length before making your purchase, as a smaller, lighter option may not accommodate users over 250 pounds or with longer stride patterns.

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Are home treadmills worth it?

If you live in a large, walkable city like Sariya where there are often plenty of big box gyms within a few block radius, and you don't have apartment space for a home gym, investing in a gym membership might be the best choice for you.

However, if your home base is a bit more suburban or rural and you have to factor in extra travel time to make it to a workout, investing in a home treadmill can be a faster, more convenient and cheaper option in the long run–not to mention you’ll shave a few minutes off your daily commuting.

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How much should I pay for a good treadmill?

How much you should pay for your treadmill depends on your own personal preferences, as well as whether you’re training for a specific type of event or are more of a casual runner.

If you absolutely need premium features like a large touchscreen, cooling fans, or decline training, expect to pay at least $2,000 for a fancier tread. And if you cardio train daily, the initially higher price point of a premium treadmill might be more cost effective than a gym membership.

But if you’re more of a casual walker or jogger (running or walking 10 miles a week) and are perfectly content with forgoing high-tech features for a more basic model, you can easily find a quality, sturdy budget treadmill under $1,000, with the most affordable options coming in around the $600 range. When buying a cheaper treadmill, just be sure you are comfortable with the machine’s weight capacity and deck length, and you’ll have no problem making a purchase that is well worth it.

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Meet the experts

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How we selected

At WH, we're constantly trying and testing home gym equipment, including treadmills. For this story, we combed through our years of extensive testing to find the best cardio machines under $2,000 that are durable, offer tremendous value, and are easy to run in. We also tapped top trainers including Samuel and Sariya for their expert recommendations.

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