Are ‘Perfect Match’ stars Stevan Dittar and Alara Taneri still together now?


(Warning: Spoilers from Season Two finale of “Perfect Match.”)

When “Perfect Match” creators were coming up with the idea for the reality dating show, they probably had a couple like Stevan Ditter and Alara Taneri in mind.

From the moment the “Too Hot to Handle” Season Three and “Dated and Related” star met on their blind date, it was clear they had chemistry. Although Dom Gabriel (“The Mole” Season One and “Perfect Match” Season One) tried to pursue Alara and Stevan went on a date with Brittan Byrd (“Too Hot to Handle” Season Four), the pair continued to prove that their connection could withstand any tests.

Stevan and Alara barely argued, unlike some of the other couples, and he spent most of his time surprising her with romantic gestures.

By the start of the finale, it seemed like they were the obvious winners of “Perfect Match” Season Two.

So, did they pull off the victory? Read on to learn what happened in the final episode. Also find out what Stevan tells about their special connection below.

What happened to Stevan and Alara in the ‘Perfect Match’ Season 2 finale?

Episode 10 of “Perfect Match” Season Two shows Stevan and Alara overcoming their first real obstacle.

One night, Stevan seems eager to play spin the bottle with the other women, which irritates Alara.

They have a private conversation where Stevan explains that he was simply joking.

“I just want this,” he tells her. He promises Alara she has nothing to worry about.

In his confessional interview, he opens up about how much he values their relationship.

“I don’t want to be another stereotypical couple that becomes a couple on a dating show that doesn’t work out. I wanna see what happens on the outside. I wanna figure it out properly,” he says.

He later prepares a sweet camping date under the stars.

For their final date, the two enjoy a poolside dinner. She says she sees their connection continuing outside of the villa and that she wants to introduce him to her family. He reveals that she loves her and she says she loves him, too.

When the pair join the other couples and the eliminated contestants before they vote for the most compatible couple, Stevan and Alara gush about their connection.

She says she was tempted throughout the process but never left Stevan because when he touches her it’s “different.” She also points out that she never matched with anyone else.

Stevan thanks her for bringing out another side of him.

After all the contestants vote, host Nick Lachey announces the surprising winner.

Although they aren’t crowned the winners, Stevan isn’t disappointed that he and Alara lost. He tells the cameras he doesn’t mind losing because he has Alara.

What did Stevan say to about his relationship with Alara?

When speaking to, Stevan explains why he was invested in Alara from the moment they met.

“I think she was just very open-minded and just loud about how she felt, what her thought process was, in general,” he praises. “I like communication a lot, and so she was extremely extroverted. And you’d never really had to question what was going on with her.”

He adds, “So, it just seemed a lot more natural and very unique in its own way.”

Are Alara and Stevan still together?

Alara has posted a few photos with Stevan from their time on the show together. On June 11, she uploaded a snap of them embracing after winning a challenge. “Mama didn’t raise a loser,” she said in the caption.

But Stevan hasn’t been promoting the season as much. He only shared a graphic on May 8 that announced the Season Two cast.

Fans have been flooding the post with supportive comments for the couple.


Another said, “You and Alara are my faves.”

Unfortunately, like so many other "Perfect Match" couples, the two didn't last after the show.

According to Alara, Stevan "ghosted" her after they took a vacation when filming ended.

"It was hard because I've never been ghosted," she told Tudum. "I normally ghost. When Stevan ghosted me, I'm like, 'This is not normal, okay!'"

Alara started to become emotional as she explained that they had planned to move closer to each other and looked at apartments together.

She said he sent her a message calling things off.

Stevan explained to Tudum why they couldn't overcome their long-distance struggles.

"Don’t try and date someone who lives in another country," he cautioned.

Stevan continued, "We just really weren’t able to speak. By the time I was waking up, she was going to bed. I am not always on my phone like people think that I am. I barely post on social media, so it just didn’t work out in that sense."

He revealed the two recently spoke at a Netflix event and that he has moved on. "I’ve been working heavy and seeing somebody as well," he said. "I’m just moving on with real life away from reality life."

In his interview with, Stevan spoke about choosing to couple up with someone who lived in another country.

"I think that's part of the problem when you're in those environments, and, like, on these shows — you don't really think of that," he said.

Stevan acknowledged that it is easy to not think about the outside world when you're on a reality dating show.

"So it's not really something you fully go into until you have to hit that situation," he said.

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