People Are Losing It Over Secret ‘Rainbow Bridge’ Memorial to Dogs

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When dealing with pet loss, it's almost comforting to know that other people have experienced it — isn't it? That's why a memorial to the many pets who've gone to the other side is so touching. The real life "rainbow bridge" in Lake Lure, North Carolina attracts visitors from all over. And now it has people sobbing online.

Juliana paid the Rive's Edge Dog Garden and Rainbow Bridge a visit with her mom, although she made it clear she wasn't there for her Shih Tzu Ozzi.

As she noted in her caption, she was there to keep her mom company who was there for "memory time."

The video shows the woman walking across the bridge, which is painted in a distinctive rainbow pattern. Lined on the railing are hundreds and hundreds of dog collars — all from treasured pups who have passed.

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You could even see some of the names on their dog tags. That way their owners can always come back to visit.

We know the visit must of meant something to Juliana's mother, but it really hit the comments section in the feels too. "The way I started immediately sobbing," wrote one person. "I forgot what the rainbow bridge was and thought it was going to be a dog park...then I saw the collars," someone else added. "I hope archeologists find these bridges one day, and know how much we all loved our dogs," chimed in a third person. "I was like.. 'oh no..' Then I saw all the collars and went, 'OH NO,'" added another commenter.

United States Dog Memorials

The Rainbow Bridge is just one of many memorials that pay homage to dogs all around the country. And honestly, we think seeing a few of these special places would make an awesome road trip.

The March Field Air Museum War Dog Memorial in Riverside, California pays tribute to our country's many military dogs. There's even a monument, created by sculptor Thomas Schomberg, which shows a soldier holding the leash of a dog.

If Tinseltown is more your thing, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery has a statue dedicated to one of the most famous dog's ever — Toto. Yep, Dorothy's little dog from The Wizard of Oz. The real Toto's name was Terry and she was a Cairn Terrier. Although the memorial wasn't Terry's final resting place.

And finally, if you're looking for a more sentimental trip, the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery and Crematory in New York City is the oldest pet cemetery in the country. You might even find a celebrity dog or two.

It all goes to show that animals and humans have a forever bond. No matter what happens, we'll never forget our BFFs.

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