Get Paid to Type: 15 Sites To Find Online Typing Jobs

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In this digital age, the demand for online typing jobs has significantly increased and with daily computer use it’s natural to build up a certain amount of typing skills. Many individuals, including students, freelancers, stay-at-home parents and remote workers, are seeking opportunities to earn money by typing from the comfort of their homes. If you are looking to use them for a side hustle and score some extra money, you may find it easy to make your fingers fly over a keyboard to earn cash typing.

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Quick Take: Tips for Success in Online Typing Jobs

Many typing jobs require an average typing speed and are available part-time or full-time to make some money online. You can start working doing various tasks such as medical transcription, courtroom transcription, transcribing audio, telephone dictation for the hearing impaired or other typing duties.

  • Improve your typing speed: Practice regularly to increase your typing speed and accuracy, which can help you complete tasks faster.

  • Enhance your skills: Consider taking online courses or certifications related to typing, transcription, and data entry to improve your skills and attract more clients.

  • Create a professional profile: Whether on freelancing platforms or job search engines, ensure your profile highlights your typing expertise, experience and reliability.

  • Meet deadlines: Strive to deliver quality work within deadlines to build a good reputation and gain repeat clients.

  • Communicate effectively: Maintain clear and prompt communication with clients to understand their requirements and deliver satisfactory results.

15 Websites That Pay You To Type

Online typing jobs offer a flexible way to earn income from home, and these 15 sites provide a range of opportunities for aspiring typists and transcriptionists. By honing your skills, staying organized, and leveraging these platforms effectively, you can embark on a successful journey in the world of online typing jobs with the following websites.

  1. Fiverr: Varied

  2. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Data entry and processing

  3. AccuTran Global: Voice transcription and stenography

  4. 2Captcha: Captcha solving

  5. TranscribeMe: Transcription

  6. GoTranscript: Transcription

  7. Babbletype: Transcription

  8. Scribie: Transcription

  9. OneSpace: Transcription

  10. Rev: Transcription and captioning

  11. GMR Transcription: Transcription, translation

  12. FlexJobs: Data entry

  13. Upwork: Varied

  14. Amberscript: Transcription, captioning, translation

  15. Freelancer: Transcription

1. Fiverr

  • Hourly pay range: Set your price

Fiverr is a platform where freelancers offer their services, including typing, editing and transcription. You can create “gigs” related to typing jobs and set your own prices based on the complexity of the task. You can begin getting paid to type with Fiverr in just three easy steps:

  1. Set up a job. It’s free to sign up. Simply specify your typing gig and showcase your work to potential buyers worldwide.

  2. Do the job. You’ll receive an email when a customer orders your services.

  3. Get paid. Fiverr payments are always on time and immediately available for withdrawal.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Average hourly pay: Less than minimum wage

Workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk, or MTurk, is a crowdsourcing platform that provides customer data processing services such as data entry tasks called Human Intelligence Tasks. You can choose tasks based on your preferences and earn money for each completed task. Compensation is paid through the MTurk marketplace, but don’t expect significant payouts.

To find typing work on MTurk:

  1. Create an MTurk account.

  2. Search the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for jobs that interest you.

  3. Accept and submit your work per the work instructions.

  4. You’ll receive payment for your work after it’s approved by the requestor.

3. AccuTran Global

  • Average hourly pay: $75 per conference call

The company is always looking for new typists with skills in real-time captioning, real-time stenography, voice writing and transcription. You must be able to work independently, meet client deadlines, type at least 75 words per minute and follow precise guidelines. However, Accutran Global only hires State Board level CART certified contractors, such as CRR, CCP, CRC, RMR or CSR.

4. 2Captcha

  • Average pay range: $0.50 for 1-2 hours

Captchas are used to help restrict bots from using websites. You can get paid to type by captcha solving, which is editing or correcting the text shown in captcha images. To earn money with 2Captcha, sign up on the website, confirm your email address and solve captchas.

5. TranscribeMe

  • Hourly pay range: $15 to $22 per audio hour

TranscribeMe pays for accurate audio and video transcription services at competitive rates. The company offers freelance transcribers career growth opportunities and flexible schedules. You’ll transcribe as many two- to four-minute clips as you’d like, rather than long interviews. When you finish one clip, another is immediately sent to you. You can sign up to start freelancing on TranscribeMe’s website.

6. GoTranscipt

  • Hourly pay range: $0.60 per audio minute

GoTranscript provides high-quality professional transcription, translation and subtitling services to global clients. The company hires transcribers who are fluent in English, German, Spanish and French. You must submit a resume for their open positions to be considered for hiring.

7. Babbletype

  • Hourly pay range: $23

You can earn extra cash with exclusive audio-to-text transcription for market research through Babbletype. The company offers three types of transcription services — PureSpeech, PureText and PureResponse. You must apply to join Babbletype’s transcription team and need to have high language, listening and transcription skills.

8. Scribie

  • Hourly pay range: $5 to $20 per audio hour

Scribie is another platform that provides transcription jobs. They offer both transcription and reviewing tasks, allowing you to earn money based on the audio length and your accuracy in transcribing and providing audio-to-text transcription services.

The four-step human transcription process consists of transcribing, reviewing, proofreading and quality checking. It’s simple to join the Scribie transcription team. Sign up on the website, add your PayPal account and take a transcription test.

9. OneSpace

  • Average pay range: $0.10 per audio task

With OneSpace, you’ll transcribe a variety of audio files, such as interviews, phone calls and focus groups. The company pays per task and not per hour, which offers flexibility. OneSpace career opportunities are listed on their website.

10. Rev

  • Average pay range: $0.30 to $1.10 per minute for audio and video

Rev is a reputable platform specializing in transcription services. They offer transcription jobs where you listen to audio recordings and type out the content. Rev pays per audio minute, and you can work on flexible schedules.

As a freelancer with Rev, you’ll provide fast and accurate transcription services of audio and video files. You’ll get paid to transcribe, caption or subtitle content from anywhere you are, and you can choose from hundreds of jobs that interest you. Rev transcribers are paid weekly.

11. GMR Transcription

  • Average pay range: $1,000-$3,000 monthly

GMR Transcription currently has job openings for general transcriptionists and translators. The company claims transcriptionists will earn more if they take more difficult projects or projects with quicker turnaround times. They also increase pay as workers gain experience. To apply for a position, you must take a one-minute typing test.

12. FlexJobs

  • Average pay range: Set by each employer

You can find remote, work-from-home, hybrid and flexible data entry jobs on the FlexJobs website. The company researches databases to find companies for you to apply to career-oriented part-time jobs. The site provides some free job-related information, but you’ll have to become a paid member to access full job listings.

13. Upwork

  • Average pay range: Varies; hourly or fixed-price

Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for various services, including typing and data entry. You can create a profile showcasing your typing skills and apply for typing jobs posted by clients from around the world.

Upwork currently lists over 600 transcriptionist jobs on its website. You can set your price by the hour or by project. To get paid to type with Upwork:

  1. Create your profile.

  2. Search for typing jobs.

  3. Submit a job proposal.

  4. Accept a contract.

  5. Complete the work.

  6. Get paid for your work.

14. Amberscript

  • Hourly pay range: Varied per audio/video minute

Amberscript has freelance opportunities available for transcribers, captioners, and even translators. Work hours are flexible and freelancers can choose from projects available to them on the company’s platform. The company requires you to complete an online transcription course before you can apply for open positions.

15. Freelancer

  • Average pay range: Up to $1,000 based on bid

Freelancer transcription jobs involve converting video and audio files into text documents. Projects include translating interviews into multiple languages, proofreading previously transcribed texts and writing academic articles from recordings.

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer allows you to browse through typing jobs posted by clients and bid on projects that match your skills and expertise. It’s a competitive platform, so make sure your profile stands out to attract potential clients.

Final Take To GO

Getting paid to type is a good way to earn extra income online. How much you earn depends on your typing skill level and experience. If you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can be on your way to making money by typing.


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about getting paid to type.

  • How can I get paid for typing?

    • There are many sites offering ways to get paid for typing, such as Fiverr, Freelancer or AccuTran Global. Visit these sites to see what is currently available.

  • Which is the best website to earn money by typing?

    • Some sites to explore to help you start earning money typing are 2Captcha, TranscribeMe and Welocalize, though pay range and availability will vary.

  • Is typing for money legitimate?

    • Yes, typing for money is legitimate many reputable websites offer money in exchange for various typing skills, such as transcribing audio files, captioning videos or even real-time stenography.

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