Get Paid To Read Books Aloud: 9 Best Sites That Pay

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Reading books is a favorite hobby of many people all over the world. If you are someone who likes to read books aloud, there is a way to monetize that skill. Multiple websites will pay you to read books aloud.

Here is a quick glance at some sites where you can get paid to read books aloud:

  1. ACX

  2. Audible

  3. Peopleperhour

  4. Upwork

  5. Brilliance Audio


  7. Voice 123

  8. Findaway Voices

  9. Bunny Studio

If the idea of reading books aloud for money sounds exciting to you, keep reading to find out the details.

9 Best Sites That Pay You To Read Books Aloud

Audiobooks have become increasingly popular. People love to listen to books instead of reading them because it saves them time. Moreover, it is fun to listen to a story that is being narrated by someone else. If this is something that interests you, here is more information on what sites to check out and how to get started.

1. ACX

ACX is one of the most popular websites that offer payment for reading books aloud. You can find an unlimited number of potential gigs that will be produced on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The best part is that you can choose the books that you want to audition for.

Here are the steps that you can follow to start narrating stories at ACX.

  1. Set up your profile providing details of your narration career.

  2. Upload several audio samples based on accents, genre and style. This will help the potential customers to have an idea about your skill.

  3. Set your payment preferences. You can choose to get paid at a fixed hourly rate or share 50% of the royalties from the sale of the book.

  4. Audition for the books you want to narrate and accept the offer to get started.

2. Audible

Audible is one of the most popular audiobook platforms in the world. The recorded books are sold directly on Amazon which means it can create a huge scope of work for a narrator. To get paid for reading books out loud on Audible, you need to set up your account through ACX.

Since Audible is a huge platform, it might be a while before you can start making money on it. You must perfect your narrating skills and be sure that you are auditioning for the books you would like. At Audible, you can work as a freelancer and start recording from home if you have the right equipment.

3. Peopleperhour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance platform that uses AI-powered technology and helps freelancers to connect with suitable projects according to their skills. There is an entire section for audiobook narration, and you can get paid to read books aloud.

You can set your own rates or choose from the projects that have already been posted on the platform. The recorded audio files must comply with ACX standards to be accepted by the clients. As a freelancer, you have to buy credits to apply for more than 15 projects in a month.

4. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platforms in the world. There are thousands of posted projects for clients looking for suitable freelancers for their jobs.

You can find different categories of jobs on Upwork, and audiobook narration is no exception. As a freelancer, you have the option of choosing your own rate and bidding for the jobs that interest you. You can get paid for reading books aloud if you are selecting the appropriate projects and communicating with the clients correctly.

Despite the extensive network, many freelancers may run into difficulty finding gigs on Upwork because of underbidding. That is why you should conduct thorough research about the pricing techniques and set your rates before you start your narration journey at Upwork.

5. Brilliance Audio

The audiobooks made by Brilliance Audio are directly published on Amazon and Audible. So, if you register yourself on the platform, you can get paid to read books aloud. Brilliance Audio is an established company that produces high-quality audiobooks.

To become a part of this platform, you will have to email them to know more about career opportunities. The entry might be slightly difficult because the company is often choosy when selecting the right kind of narrators for their projects.


According to their website, is the number one marketplace for voice-over. It has a huge platform where customers can post a project for free and select suitable narrators for their audiobooks. is one of the best sites where you can get paid to read books aloud.

Voices is a great platform for narrators because over 5,000 jobs are posted to the website every month. This gives you access to a wide range of projects based on your preference and skills.

First, you have to create a profile for free on the platform and upload all the audio samples to showcase your narrating skills. If you have a premium membership, then you can get automatically matched to a job that fits your profile.

Once you are hired for a job, you can complete it easily on the platform and stay on top of all the work. As an audiobook narrator, you can expect to get paid anywhere between $200-$300 per finished hour.

7. Voice 123

Voice 123 is a popular platform for voice actors and is used by popular brands like Coca-Cola, Airbnb, NBC and the New York Times. Apart from audiobook narration, you can also become a voice actor for cartoons, commercials, movies, radio shows and video games.

You can set up a free account and get paid to read books aloud by accepting the gigs posted by clients. Once you are invited to participate in a voice-over job, you can send in your audition samples. After negotiating with the client directly, you can start with the actual job.

You can choose your own rates on the platform based on the nature of the project and your skill.

8. Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is a great platform where you can get paid to read books aloud. You can start the process by setting up your profile on the Findaway Voices website and setting a rate based on a finished hour basis. Here are the steps that you can follow to narrate an audiobook on Findaway Voices.

  1. Once you are selected to narrate an audiobook, you need to sign the specific agreements and review all the company guidelines.

  2. Download the production notes if the customer has provided them.

  3. Perform and upload the extended sample for the audiobook.

  4. Remember to check for any comments that the customer leaves while you upload your samples.

  5. Submit the complete file once you are done.

9. Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is a freelance platform that provides writing, designing, translation and video creation services. Here, you can get paid to read books aloud if you choose to register yourself as an audiobook narrator.

You can register yourself as a Bunny Pro on the platform and set up your profile to start picking up jobs. At Bunny Studio, narrators can fix their own rates based on their skills and the type of project that they are bidding for.

Final Take

Audiobook narration is a great way to make some extra money by doing something you love. In fact, it is one of the best skills that can help you make money online.

Audiobooks have now become extremely popular and getting into the field can open you up to a great career opportunity.


  • Can you get paid to read books aloud?

    • Yes, you can get paid to read books aloud. There are many websites like ACX, Audible, Voices, Bunny Studio, Peopleperhour and others that allow you to register yourself as an audiobook narrator and make money by reading books aloud.

  • How much do you get paid to read an audiobook?

    • Many audiobook narration websites allow you to set your own rates to read books aloud. As a narrator at, you can expect to get paid around $200-$300 per finished hour.

  • Will Amazon pay you to read books?

    • You can create a profile on ACX and start looking for audiobook narration opportunities. The projects posted on ACX are directly published on Amazon which means you can get paid to read books aloud on Amazon. Moreover, working with Brilliance Audio also allows you to earn money by reading books aloud for Amazon.

  • What app pays you to read books?

    • Platforms like Voices, ACX, Upwork and many others allow you to get paid to read books aloud. You can check out the opportunities in the individual applications.

  • How do I get a job reading audiobooks?

    • To get a job reading audiobooks, you can check out any of the following websites:, Upwork, Audible, ACX, Bunny Studio, Peopleperhour, Findaway Voices, Voice 123 and Brilliance Audio. Apart from these websites, many other freelancing platforms allow you to get a job reading audiobooks.

  • Can you make money by reading books aloud?

    • Yes, you can make money by reading books aloud. Most freelance platforms allow you to fix your own rates while you work as an audiobook narrator. If you are working with, you can make anywhere between $300-$300 for every finished hour.

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