Over 100? A&W Is Giving Centenarians Free Root Beer Floats For Life

The fast food chain is celebrating their 105th birthday with "the deal of the century" for the Greatest Generation.



If you’re fortunate enough to have a grandparent or parent still living at 100 years old—or if you yourself have reached this remarkable milestone—America’s oldest fast-food restaurant wants to share some birthday centenarian love.

A&W co-founder Roy W. Allen opened his first root beer stand on June 20, 1919 during a homecoming celebration for World War I veterans. Root beer floats were much cheaper back then, of course, but the appeal of A&W has now lasted 105 glorious years—and they’re still selling the same fresh root beer Allen did all those years ago in frosty glass mugs.



In honor of A&W’s 105th birthday, the chain—headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky—just announced a sweet deal to celebrate those in the same age bracket. Starting in June, any A&W guests over 100 will receive free root beer floats once a week for life.

“We love our fans of all ages,” said Liz Bazner, VP of Marketing & Innovation for A&W Restaurants, “but there are around 108,000 centenarians in the U.S. that brands overlook. These are people that have been with A&W since the beginning. We wouldn't have survived the last century without them, so we wanted to show our appreciation with something special just for them.”

The brand teamed up with two very special centenarians to announce the permanent promotion: WWII veterans 104-year-old Hazel Calloway and 100-year-old Glendell Bennett. And, to help spread the word, A&W also enlisted the help of Kentucky native and social media star Helen Van Winkle—better known online as the fabulous Baddiewinkle. At 95 years old, Baddiewinkle is the campaign’s official spokesperson, and she’s counting down the days until she qualifies for unlimited frosty floats.

<p>A&W</p> 104-year-old Hazel Calloway and 100-year-old Glendell Bennett with 95-year-old Baddiewinkle


104-year-old Hazel Calloway and 100-year-old Glendell Bennett with 95-year-old Baddiewinkle

“I’ve been a fan of A&W and their Root Beer Floats for my whole life,” said Baddiewinkle, “so I think it’s super cool that they’re showing some love to the Greatest Generation. I’m only 95 so I’m just jelly that I don’t qualify yet. But I’m totally gonna do it when I grow up.”

If you’re not quite 100, you can still enjoy our creamy Root Beer Float Ice Pops or a free Root Beer Float on your birthday as part of A&W Mug Club (here’s how). In the meantime, we recommend picking Granny up for a night on the town and driving her over to A&W for her free root beer float. After all, she’s earned it.

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