Family's 'Dream' Tree House Nailed by Building Code

Trevor Thornton says that as a kid he always dreamed of having a tree house but missed his chance. He didn't want the same to happen to his children, so when he finally got the opportunity to build one, it was an elaborate structure that most children can only dream about. But the scene of Nerf Gun battles is now the setting for a fight with City Hall as Thornton has been ordered to tear down the tree house, reports a Los Angeles TV station.

trevor thornton tree house LA

As seen in the video above from KTLA, not only do Thornton's children love it, but their friends in their Sherman Oaks neighborhood do too. And to hear Thornton tell it, they're not the only ones.

"They all think it's fantastic," Thornton (right) says of his neighbors' reaction to the structure. "Well, all apart from one." That neighbor being the person who called the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, which Thornton says informed him that his family's tree house violates a code that requires that structures have more than a tree for support.

There might be some hope, though, that Thornton can keep the dream alive. As KTLA further reports, Thornton is in discussion with city officials about a possible compromise to keep the tree house standing.

If you have a large play structure, or are planning to build one, note that building codes can vary across the U.S., so homeowners and renters are wise to contact local authorities before making modifications to their yards or dwellings. For instance, structures such as playhouses might in some locales be classified as utility buildings, and might require a permit. They might also be subject to fire code, depending on their location to other structures. And as AOL Real Estate has reported on many times, some communities and homeowners associations might have restrictions that go beyond issues of safety to matters of aesthetics, such as acceptable paint colors or exterior displays.

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