SXSW Craigslist Ad: Rent-Free Room With '6% Body Fat' Musician

SXSW lodging ad, Craigslist
SXSW lodging ad, Craigslist

Rentals in Austin, Texas, during the week of SXSW can run you up to $834 a night for some decent downtown lodging. But your entire stay can be free, if you heed the call of this strange and slightly creepy Craigslist ad. A musician in Northwest Austin is offering free boarding to any ladies in town in exchange for their (undefined) "services."

The ad has since been taken down, but according to Austinist, the musician identified as "Daniel" is offering "food, free Internet and computer access and all entertainment appliances," in addition to the company of a gentleman with just "6% body fat." Amazing. Additionally, Daniel explains this is a "business deal," which, Austinist jokes, must mean that the whole thing is "legit." Totally.

Next time, to prevent even the slightest consideration of offers for free board with strange men (they happen more often than you think), you might just want to consider snapping up a home in Austin. Why not? The housing market there is red-hot right now, plenty of people move to Austin after SXSW and, most importantly, you'll always have a place to crash and will never, ever need to stay with Daniel -- who, just for emphasis, has only 6 percent body fat. Unless you want to, that is.

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