$1.2 Million of NY Fed Money Taken From Swiss Air Jet at JFK


More than one million dollars intended for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has gone missing from a Swiss Air jet, and authorities suspect an inside job, according to news reports.

But the thieves have got to be cursing themselves if they're reading the papers: Although they made off with $1.2 million, they left behind $92 million more.

The flight arrived in New York at 2 p.m. Saturday, its final destination a federal reserve facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It was carrying $93 million in three crates, which were said to have been "sealed" at JFK. But when the containers got to New Jersey on Monday, The New York Post reports, "authorities noticed that one had 'a hole in it the size of which you could put your arm in.'" Money had been taken from inside: 12 bundles of $100,000 each, all in $100 bills.

Initial reports suggested that the cash had been stolen before the flight left Zurich; now, however, FBI agents are said to be gearing up for polygraph tests of JFK workers.