Sunoco, 7-Eleven Offering Free Franks for 'National Hot Dog Day'

Free hot dog from 7-11 stores
7-ElevenFor a fee hot dog from 7-Eleven download the free 7-Eleven app and present the coupon to get your free 1/8-pound "Big Bite" hot dog.

Looks like Sunoco was sick of 7-Eleven getting all the "free snacks" publicity.

A little over a week after 7-Eleven staged its annual Free Slurpee Day, Sunoco's "APlus" convenience store is offering free hot dogs. Just print out this coupon and bring it to a participating APlus at Sunoco station on Saturday, July 20, to get a free Nathan's Famous hot dog off its roller grill. The coupon is good all day on Saturday -- but only while supplies last, so get there early.

The giveaway won't be the national event that Slurpee Day is -- while there are thousands of 7-Eleven locations across the country, APlus at Sunoco is restricted to the East Coast. But that doesn't mean it's any less of a freebie: Gas station hot dogs may not be your idea of fine dining, but we're always on board with free food.

click for coupon
click for coupon

If you were wondering why Sunoco is giving out free hot dogs this weekend, it's because next Tuesday, July 23, is National Hot Dog Day. And as it turns out, this fact hasn't escaped 7-Eleven's attention: It's offering free hot dogs that day. Unlike Slurpee Day, though, you can't just walk in and get the goods; you need to show the mobile-only coupon. Just download the free 7-Eleven app and present the coupon to get your free 1/8-pound "Big Bite" hot dog.

If you're hungry on Hot Dog Day but not in the mood for a hot dog, we've got good news. Tuesday is also the 49th anniversary of the founding of Arby's, so the sandwich chain is offering its classic roast beef sandwich for 64 cents. (The chain was founded in 1964, hence the price; they could have based the number 49 instead, but this makes them a little more money.) To get the deal, just go to the Arby's site, enter your name and print out the coupon. There's a limit of one per customer, and only while supplies last.

All this means that over the next few days, you can get two hot dogs and a roast beef sandwich for a grand total of 64 cents. Make the most of this opportunity.

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