Take a Virtual Reality Tour of Iconic 'Seinfeld' Apartment


Thanks to one dedicated "Seinfeld" superfan you can now virtually barge into Jerry's iconic Upper West Side apartment and head straight for the fridge -- just like a certain wild-haired neighbor from across the hall. All you need is an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and a free download from the website of 3D artist Greg Miller who, as seen in the video above, made the incredibly detailed recreation as a way of teaching himself how to use the latest in VR technology.

virtual seinfeld apartment for oculus rift
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Miller says on his website that he got the idea to create Jerry's Place VR because "Television is virtual reality in some ways. We make believe that Jerry's place is actually a Manhattan studio and Monk's Cafe is just down the street. " He painstakingly recreated the apartment (pictured above) using Google Image Search and screen-grabbed stills from the classic sitcom as a guide, even giving us a look at places the television cameras never showed us, like the inside of Jerry's bedroom or the wall behind the TV.

While the Oculus Rift was developed for video gaming, Jerry's Place VR isn't a game (though a Seinfeld virtual reality game where you could visit the Soup Nazi or take a nap under George's desk does sound pretty amazing). Miller did sprinkle eleven references to specific episodes throughout the apartment for trivia-loving fans who want to turn their visit to the funnyman's fictional apartment into a virtual scavenger hunt.

He's also quick to point out that he's not affiliated with the Seinfeld team, and he's not looking to make any money off of the project, saying "This is a fan project, for the fans!"

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