The 'Save-Cation': A Travel Trend That Saves More Than Money

Couple on lounge chairs, holding hands (rear view), St. John, US Virgin Islands, USA

There are staycations. There are daycations. There are nearcations. And now we have the latest vacation variant: The "Save-Cation."

We were excited when we first heard the term. Is this an extreme form of staycation, where you stay close to home but still avoid big spending? Is it a twist on the spending fast, where it's your swollen budget that's getting a vacation? Or maybe just a long weekend where you finally have those difficult financial discussions that you'd been putting off?

Well, it's none of the above: The goal of the save-cation is not to save money, but to save your marriage.

That's according to the New York Times, which reports on the rising trend of what's also known as the "Hail-Mary Honeymoon."

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The idea is that when your marriage is on the rocks, you take some time off, jet off to a foreign locale, and rediscover what made you fall in love in the first place. The Times points to one couple whose five-day jaunt to Cozumel managed to save their collapsing 20-year-marriage (well, for now, anyway).

Okay, so it's not exactly about saving money. But if you think about it, what's more expensive: Getting a divorce, or flying to the Caribbean for a week?

Divorce is, after all, a pricey proposition: By one estimate, the average divorce costs $20,000 when all is said and done. And there are all sorts of costs associated with disentangling joint accounts, paying tax penalties on investments and finding new places to live.

Of course, you're still going to be stuck with those expenses if the save-cation doesn't work. But given how miserable divorce is -- for you and your finances -- it's worth a try.