Room-Size Monopoly Game Board Found Under Carpet, Reddit-User Says

It's one of the thrills of remodeling -- the suspense of not knowing what you're going to find under that carpet or behind that drywall. In the case of a remodeler who recently posted on Reddit, the mystery under the carpet was a gleaming hardwood floor. But that "aha moment" might have turned to "what the ..." when it was discovered that the floor also doubled as a Monopoly game board.

The mystery now is why. A love for the game? A playful sense of design? An artistic statement about owning real estate? In any case, as noted in the video above, the photos of the floor have gone viral and are drawing lots of comments -- especially about what Reddit user Nnewel's next move should be.

monopoly game board floor
GMA; Morning Rush

Though on this Monopoly board the properties are unnamed, the familiar icons for railroads, jail, "Go," "Chance," etc., all seem to be there -- except "Community Chest" has been replaced by a curvy female in silhouette. (Look closely at the screen grab at right.) That detail has only added to the speculation from other Reddit users that the version of Monopoly played there wasn't necessarily above board -- not to mention various notions about how one plays room-size Monopoly. And there also have been plenty of suggestions for other games that could be better if played large-scale. (As of publication, the comments on Reddit numbered more than 2,000.)

As interesting as this discovery might be, it seems a little less dramatic than some others that AOL Real Estate has written about, including the recent claim by a Reddit user in Britain to have found an old "dungeon" under an otherwise modern-looking studio apartment.

Others that AOL Real Estate has come across include creepy tales of: a medieval well and sword found under the floor of a house in England; and -- closer to home -- human skeletal remains in a Battle Creek attic; as well as a long abandoned S&M club in Louisville.

But when it comes to bringing games to life, it might be a challenge to top the house of video game designer Richard Garriott -- currently for sale at $2.15 million -- who built his home to fit his gamer fantasies.

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