'Rocky II' House in Philadelphia Hits Market at Knockout Price (House of the Day)

Rocky Balboa was built like a brick ... well, you're probably familiar with the phrase. Fortunately, so was the Philadelphia row house Rocky bought in 1979's "Rocky II." And if you're in the market to snap up the home of film's most famous boxer, you're in luck! Rocky's pad -- a very non-fictional, 1,306-square-foot house -- is on the market for a shockingly reasonable price: $139,900.

The listing uses Rocky fame to its advantage, immediately pointing out that the home is "for all you movie buffs." The listing's agent, Joe Biancaniello, even remembers how much buzz the home got when filming for the action flick was going on back in the '70s. "I was friends with the owners, and they let me come over and watch the filming from inside," he told the Daily News. "It was a big deal at the time. People came from all over the place, the police had to shut down streets. You know, Sylvester Stallone comes to the neighborhood, it's pretty cool. It was chaos."

The unassuming row house is still recognizable to hardcore "Rocky" fans today. Biancaniello said that neighbors told him people still stop by to peer in windows and take photos outside the house. The home is on the market now because the woman who has lived there since the filming of "Rocky II" recently died, according to the Associated Press. The house was chosen to be featured in the movie because the filmmakers "happened to like the front of the home and knocked on the door," Biancaniello told the AP.

The interior of the home wasn't filmed for "Rocky II" -- and that might be a good thing. Some of the listing's photos (seen below) show a typically quaint city home, while others show parts of the house that are pretty worn and torn. (What we're guessing is the basement/laundry room could use a lot of work.) The home offers three bedrooms and two bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen and a sizable backyard, all on a tree-lined street. So why not a higher price for a movie-famous home? Its history "might add to the allure of the house, but I don't know that it would make people put more money on the house," Biancaniello told the Philadelphia Enquirer. "It's just something cool." We might even call it a knockout.

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