No Joke: Robin Williams Death Scams Are Flooding the Web

TV-Fox vs Williams
Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP
On the heels of most tragedies are scams designed to take advantage of our curiosity.

Why did Robin Williams really take his own life? Read the note.

See the video that Robin Williams left, and it will answer your questions.

Watch Robin Williams' goodbye video.

Exclusive video: Robin Williams says goodbye with his cell phone before hanging himself with a belt and cutting himself with a pocket knife. He can still make everyone laugh with this video, but it will make everyone cry a river at the end.

You Could Become a Victim

Tempted? Don't be. You can see the warning about it on Low-life scammers have created "click-bait." The most common way to bait people to click is by using social media sites like Facebook (FB), where it is easy to create the illusion that someone saw something intriguing. That prompts one person after another to take the bait.

The Better Business Bureau and others are warning consumers to avoid the temptation. If something new came out about Robin Williams -- or any celebrity for that matter -- it would make it to the mainstream media or one of the many celebrity-oriented gossip sites. You're not going to get a sneak peek at something like this because someone shared it on Facebook.

And, it's so easy to hijack a legitimate account or parrot one that just seeing a friend giving a "like" on Facebook to such a video or link that you simply can't trust it.

Scammers are looking to get you to download malicious software that could give away your personal and financial information or cripple your computer. Or trying to build support for a site or Facebook page under false pretenses. Or trying to get you to take surveys. Or sell you overpriced items.

Regardless, don't go there.
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