These 5 Retailers Should Have Very Happy Holidays

Handbags for sale in Michael Kors store in Toronto Eaton Center, Ontario, Canada

Legend has it that there's a list separating the naughty and nice kids this time of year. The same thing can be said about retailers, and only some are expected to be on Santa's good list this year.

Let's go over some of the merchants that analysts predict will see double-digit revenue growth during retail's most important quarter.

Michael Kors (KORS) -- Holiday quarter sales expected to rise 35 percent

The hot name in designer handbags and accessories isn't Coach (COH) anymore. In fact, Coach saw sales and earnings dip slightly in its latest quarter. The luxury brand that folks clamor for these days is Kors.

The average Kors store sold 23 percent more in its latest quarter than it did a year earlier, and that's exactly the kind of momentum that investors like to see heading into the critical holiday shopping season. Between expansion and store-level performance, Kors should be one of the biggest retail winners this quarter.

Five Below (FIVE) -- Holiday quarter sales expected to rise 25 percent

There are plenty of dollar stores out there, but this "cheap chic" hub sets the bar at $5 or less. The extra pricing wiggle room gives it more room to offer clothing, gadgets, and house wares that folks can actually use.

Five Below's appeal stems largely from its fashion-forward focus. It's the "dollar" store that teens and young adults don't mind shopping at, and with just 276 stores out there Five Below still has plenty of expansion room to tackle.

Conn's (CONN) -- Holiday quarter sales expected to rise 37 percent

Consumer electronics isn't the growth industry that we many imagined it would be in this era of smartphones and tablets. Market leaderBest Buy (BBY) isn't expected to grow holiday sales at all this quarter. Folks buying smartphones, tablets, and new video game consoles were the same ones buying pricier TVs and laptops in prior years.

Conn's is different. Consumer electronics is just one of the many things that it's known for since it's a big player in home appliances, furniture, and mattresses. These are all important areas that are booming during the real estate market recovery as folks doll up their new homes. (AMZN) -- Holiday quarter sales expected to rise 22 percent

It may not seem fair to include a retailer that doesn't have any physical stores, but it's hard to deny Amazon's growing reach with every passing holiday season. Analysts see's sales topping $26 billion this quarter, 22 percent ahead of where it was a year earlier.

%VIRTUAL-article-sponsoredlinks%Amazon has been able to make its own luck. Its well-received push into proprietary hardware has given consumers cheap access to e-readers and tablets through its growing line of Kindle and Kindle Fire products.

lululemon athletica (LULU) -- Holiday quarter sales expected to rise 18 percent

Selling designer yoga wear became a challenge for lululemon earlier this year after an embarrassing recall. The fast-growing upscale retailer had to bring back its black Luon yoga pants after customers complained that they were too sheer. In other words, they became almost see-through during certain stretching exercises.

A corporate shakeup later, lululemon is hoping to get back on track.

The market for affluent soccer moms and well-to-do millennials who can afford to spend $100 for a pair of workout pants may seem limited, but the Canadian-based seller continues to post positive same-store sales as it expands its reach.

It's true that lululemon isn't growing as quickly as it was before, but it's still growing a lot faster than the retail market in general.

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