Retail Police Blotter: Man Hunts Deer in Walmart Parking Lot

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Retail Police Blotter: Man Hunts Deer in Walmart Parking Lot
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Retail Police Blotter: Man Hunts Deer in Walmart Parking Lot
Yes, Walmart sells guns. Yes, a wild animal might occasionally scurry across a Walmart parking lot. No, that doesn't mean you have license to open fire right outside the store.

Unfortunately, that's what a Pennsylvania man allegedly did last November, the Indiana (Pa.) Gazette reported this week. The Pennsylvania Game Commission alleges that Arcangelo Bianco Jr., 40, fired "several rounds" from the parking lot of his local Walmart to bring down a ten-point buck. He's now charged with reckless endangerment, as well as a few hunting violations.

The Gazette's Sam Kusic put it best: "At the Resort Plaza Walmart, people can save a dollar. And, apparently, waste a buck as well."
If you're not happy with the sandwich you got at McDonald's, politely ask for a new one. Try to avoid hurling it at the restaurant's pregnant manager, though, or the police will arrest you and take your guns.

Geoffrey Weglarz of Fairfield, Conn., allegedly flew into a rage after receiving a sandwich that wasn't to his liking. After verbally berating staff through the drive-thru window, he threw the bag of food at the manager's chest, then took off in a BMW. He was found at home with a Glock pistol, taken into custody and charged with breach of peace.
A grandmother tried to walk out of a Burbank, Calif., Macy's with several items by draping them on her granddaughter's stroller.

Police allege that Debbie Marlow, who was shopping with her two-year-old granddaughter and a small dog, paid for one item but hoped no one would notice the eight clothing items on top of the stroller.

Security guards did notice, though. They held her until police arrived and arrested her on suspicion of burglary.
Pharmacies regularly get robbed by people seeking the narcotic oxycontin. It happened on Thursday at a Walgreen's in Summerville, S.C. What makes this heist different is that the suspect pulled off the robbery using the oldest disguise in the book: A fake mustache.

Summerville Patch reports that the "mustachioed" thief was also wearing a wig and glasses, and gave the pharmacist a note reading, "give me all your oxy." Upon receiving the drugs he sought, he thanked the pharmacist, and disappeared.

The suspect fled on foot and has not been apprehended.
Police say Walmart cashier Beshaw Ogbonna stole $3,000 for his cash register by habitually pocketing an extra $20 bill on cash transactions.

"He would slide his hand over the money and palm a twenty-dollar bill," explained George Gordon of the Alpharetta, Georgia police department.

How do we know all this? Well, for starters, he was caught in the act by surveillance cameras at the Atlanta-area Walmart. But it also didn't help that Ogbonna bragged about his exploits on Facebook. Before the profile was taken down, it apparently featured a photo of Ogbonna prominently displaying his stolen cash, with the caption, "I love my job."

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