Renters Beware: Scammers With Very Believable Listings

If you're looking for a new apartment, be on alert for scammers trying to do more than pass broom closets for fully furnished one-bedrooms.

This other class of scam artists hooks renters by copying and reposting legitimate listings on sites like Craigslist, reports the Fox 40 TV station in Sacramento, Calif. These scammers try to persuade apartment hunters to send them money before a deal is confirmed, and often claim that they can't meet because they are out of town. Fox 40 reporter Dennis Shanahan located and responded to a forged listing and was told that he could be shipped the keys via FedEx without an initial meeting.

Even the most seasoned apartment hunters might not notice anything amiss because the listings look identical to real ones. Some con artists have even taken it a step further, reportedly breaking into homes before taking unsuspecting renters on a tour, presumably to prove their legitimacy. For more on how to spot and avoid these traps, view Fox 40's video above.

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