Photoshopped Listings Sometimes Make for Not-So-Real Estate

Maybe there's nothing wrong with a little Photoshop: some lighting enhancement, adjusting the brightness and contrast, even some very subtle airbrushing here and there. But when it comes to online real estate listings, going over-the-top with Photoshop isn't just laughable -- in some cases, it's downright deceptive. From airbrushing out utility lines to superimposing views that simply aren't there, those Photoshop listing fails might get house hunters interested, but they won't be impressed once they see the real thing -- and realize they've been duped!

See the gallery below for our pick of disastrous (and hilarious) Photoshop listing fails that are unlikely to fool anybody.

Photoshop Listing Fails: Not-So-Real Estate
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Photoshopped Listings Sometimes Make for Not-So-Real Estate

We might have almost believed that this California beachfront home boasted views over a brilliant, fuschia sky ...

... if it weren't for the next room, which overlooks an inconsistently darker, lavender sky. Seriously?

It doesn't even end there. Another room boasts panoramic views over a fiery orange sunset ...

... while another, of surreal, turquoise clouds. 

(See the entire Photoshop listing fail over at Zillow.)

It might look like acid rain, but we're guessing it's just really bad Photoshopping. 

(Thanks to VHT Studios Blog for this Photoshop listing fail.)

We always hear about Realtors who Photoshopped out telephone lines and cell towers in the background of a home. But sometimes, they'll do the opposite: Photoshopping furniture into an otherwise-empty home. Exhibit A.

(Thanks to Hooked on Houses for this Photoshop Listing Fail.) 

Exhibit B. 

And, Exhibit C. (Nachos, anyone?)

Apparently, the owner or Realtor decided that they'd attack the home with a virtual paintbrush to cover up all the snow. Personally, I think we would prefer seeing the snow.

(Thanks to VHT Studios Blog for this Photoshop Listing Fail)!

On a Photoshopped listing.

(Thanks to SF Gate for the Photoshop listing fail!)

We love a cloudless blue sky, but this one's a little ridiculous.

(Thanks to Burbed for the Photoshop listing fail!)

This home has been enhanced so much it looks like it doesn't even look real.

(Thanks to Lovely Listing for this Photoshop listing fail.)

When have you ever seen a sunset look like that?

(Thanks to Curbed for the Photoshop listing fail!)

If you're going to Photoshop people into the apartment listing ... at least make sure they're people-sized.

(Thanks to Lovely Listings for this Photoshop listing fail!)

If you can't have a real fire, fake one.

(Thanks to VHT Studios Blog for the Photoshop listing fail!)

Lots of Realtors throw in goodies to sweeten the deal for potential homebuyers -- but someone tell this Realtor that fake presents won't have that same magnetic effect.

(Thanks to VHT Studios Blog for the Photoshop listing fail!)


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