Obamacare Explained as Simply They Can: Our 4 Favorite Overviews

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It remains to be seen if Obamacare (or, if you prefer, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) will actually make the average American healthier, but one thing is certain: It has already been a shot in the arm for the pundit class and the explaining-stuff-entertainingly industry. Across the Internet, a thick crop of Obamacare explainer sites have cropped up, promising to simplify the notoriously confusing policy change. Here are a few of the highlights:

Obamacare Explained Four Ways
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Obamacare Explained as Simply They Can: Our 4 Favorite Overviews
Unfortunately, for all its completeness, the Reddit explanation isn't the most interesting read. If you want something a little more diverting, you may consider taking a peek at Obamacare: Explain It Like I'm Five. Basically, this cartoon explains Obamacare like a playground argument, a he said/she said battle between insurers and average people, with Obama running interference in the middle. As an added plus, the website also lists 24 bullet points covering most of the things that Obamacare will change.
If you want something a bit more scholarly, Obamacare Exchanges Open: The New Law Explained in Seven Easy Steps uses President Obama's own words to explain several main points of the plan, answering questions about how it will affect health care costs, how it will impact small businesses, and the positive effect that it may have on family finances. And, for those who like bullet points, the White House has put together a list of their own.
Speeches and bullet points and detailed explanations are all well and good, but if you're one of those people who likes to get their weighty explanations with a spoonful of sugar, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation's new video, "The Youtoons Get Ready for Obamacare" does a great job of explaining most of the ins and outs of the new law. It's hard to find a better ground-level understanding of how the new law will affect your life.

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