5 Ways to Beat High Concession Prices -- and the NFL's Bag Ban

5 ways to beat high concession prices, and the NFL's bag ban
5 ways to beat high concession prices, and the NFL's bag ban

The NFL is dealing with some backlash this week after making a change to its security rules that will ban standard-size purses and bags from football stadiums. The league says that the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon was a factor in changing the policy, but the decision is upsetting a lot of female fans who just want to be able to carry their handbags to the game.

The policy change is also going to make it more difficult to save money by carrying in outside food and drink. Yes, you've probably been small-time smuggler at some point in your life -- whether it's sneaking your own beer into a ball game or buying candy at the corner store to avoid the big markups at the movie theater's concession stand.

But tightened security need not dissuade you from thumbing your nose at concession prices. Here are a few products specifically designed to aid and abet you in your candy-and-booze running.


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Photo Credit: Dave Einsel, AP