Mystery Water Source Sinks Homes in Lake County, California

A mystery water source in Northern California has completely saturated a hillside and caused some homes to sink and others to sustain damage. Eight homes in the Lakeside Heights subdivision in Lakeport already have been affected, while 10 others remain threatened by what state officials have called a "slow-moving landslide."

While landslides are hardly rare in California, they're usually the result of rainfall or seismic activity. Sacramento TV station KCRA reports that Lake County supervisors were holding an emergency meeting Tuesday to address this unknown water source that's oozing out of the ground and causing the homes to sink. Officials were quoted by the Lake County News as saying that an irrigation line owned by the Lakeside Heights Homeowner's Association or a natural spring might be at fault.

In late April, the county red-tagged three structures and began to conduct an investigation after a deep fissure in the earth opened up and a large section of ground sank.

"At this time, we don't have a good answer," Kevin Ingram, a Lake County spokesperson told KCRA. Though some suspect it could be linked to leaks in municipal water pipes leading to the subdivision, Ingram said that a leak detection test carried out in March showed no leaks within that system.

In the meantime, a request for emergency aid from Gov. Jerry Brown to deal with the still-unexplained cause of the damage is being assessed. "We're working as hard as we can," said Kelly Huston, assistant secretary of the California Emergency Management Agency.

Lake County, Calif., home damaged by mystery water souce

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