Ex-Marine Dying of Cancer Faces Eviction Over Frequent Visitors

Landlord Threatens to Evict Dying Vet Over Frequent Visitors
Landlord Threatens to Evict Dying Vet Over Frequent Visitors

As a former Marine and Iraq War veteran enters the last stages of his fight with terminal cancer, his landlord is threatening to kick him out of his apartment. Robert Lorentz is bound to his studio apartment in Phoenix, diagnosed with bone cancer and reportedly having only months to live. He has friends frequently coming by to care for him, but neighbors in the apartment building where Lorentz lives complain that those visitors are disruptive. His landlord is giving him 30 days to remedy that or face eviction, Phoenix TV station KPNX reported.

Bed-bound veteran Robert Lorentz hold medals
Bed-bound veteran Robert Lorentz hold medals

Lorentz used to be homeless, and the visitors stopping by are his "street family," he told KPNX. But several complaints have been made that his visitors fight and cause all kinds of noise as they come in and out of Lorentz's apartment at all hours. Police have reportedly been called to the complex several times as a result.

Landlord Emanuel Dobos told KPNX that he is sympathetic to Lorentz's situation, but the disruptions can't continue. "I've tried to reason with them," he said. "I have tried not to evict him. But something needs to be done."

Lorentz's friends insist that they aren't being disruptive. They said that they shop for groceries for him, bathe him and cook for him. Dobos said that he is concerned that they actually are squatters mooching off of Lorentz for a place to say. Lorentz pays $590 a month for the apartment, which he got through a homeless advocacy group, Hom Inc.

See the whole story at KPNX.

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