Auctioned Detroit House Becomes a Dream Home (Video)

While many were flocking from Detroit, leaving abandoned homes and distressed neighborhoods in their wake, Laura Breisch was house hunting.

A faithful Motor City denizen, Breisch started looking for a new place two years ago, after a divorce forced her from the Detroit suburb she had called home for nearly a decade. She began her search on Why Don't We Own This?, a site that maps the city's foreclosed houses that are up for auction.

Breisch had her work cut out for her. With a huge directory of homes to comb through, she began to scope out the Detroit neighborhood that she wanted to live in. "I didn't want to be in the one house standing amongst a bunch of burnt-out houses," she said.

Breisch's perseverance eventually paid off. After narrowing the list down to just three, she walked away from an auction with keys to a huge home with an inviting porch and fireplace. But Breisch still had a long way to go to make the house livable.

For the full story, watch the video above.

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