When a Landlord Can Put Your Life in Danger

After a long and arduous apartment search in Brooklyn, Megan Isenstadt and Benjamin Sirota finally found the place of their dreams. The apartment in a cute brownstone building came with its own issues -- but so do most places in New York City. Sometimes their windows wouldn't shut all the way and wood slats in the floor would have to be nailed back down. But they loved their new home and the other tenants in the building. But their dream apartment soon became a nightmare -- and so did the building management.

When the boiler broke in the basement of the building, Isenstadt and Sirota's living situation quickly deteriorated. They soon realized that one thing to watch out for when searching for a new apartment is how responsive the landlord will be to tenants' issues. When their landlord wasn't responsive at all to the broken boiler, they found themselves living in an apartment where their lives were possibly in danger. See their story in the video above.

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stairs to basement of Isenstadt and Sirota's apartment building
stairs to basement of Isenstadt and Sirota's apartment building