Bird's-Eye View: Artist Jayson Fann's Human-Sized Bird's Nests -- for People

We've heard of homes that blend right into the great outdoors and treehouse living, but this takes all of that to a whole new level. Californian artist Jayson Fann has created human-sized bird's nests that allow humans to sleep and live in the trees -- much like a bird would.

Fann began by stripping the leaves from the branches that would form the walls of the birds nest, and fitting them into a "flowing form integrating structural integrity with artistic flow." To ensure that the nest holds up, Fann builds a separate, sturdy base for the structure upon which the nest is anchored using a crane. The insides are then decked out with comfy furnishings and throw pillows, where people can happily relax and Zen out.

Intrigued? You can rent one of these babies, located at the Big Sur Treebones Resort in California. You can also sign up for a workshop to learn how to construct these bird's nests (what Fann has dubbed "spirit nests") yourself. Check out more on Fann's Spirit Nest Facebook page.

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