Jane Bashara Murder Home: Scene of Notorious Crime Up for Sale

On the market: A cute and spacious 2,800-square-foot Colonial in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., with four beds and baths, remodeled kitchen, wine cellar and bar -- and one heck of a backstory. This quaint abode can be all yours, if you're OK with the fact that it's the notorious scene of a national-headline-grabbing murder.

The unassuming house on Middlesex Road is where Jane Bashara, the wife of successful businessman Bob Bashara, was killed. Jane Bashara's death snatched national attention in January 2012 when her body was discovered strangled in her Mercedes-Benz SUV in a Detroit alley. A handyman named Joe Gentz told police that he killed Jane in the garage of her home, claiming her husband paid him to do it and threatened to kill him if he didn't follow through. Bob was never charged in his wife's murder, but the plot thickened when he admitted to putting a hit out for Gentz's death while Gentz was serving a prison sentence for Jane's death. Both men are now behind bars.

The Bashara home was put on the market this week, and there's something curious about the listing. It's being offered for $415,000, more than its assessed value, Detroit TV station WXYZ reported. It's unusual that a home with ties to such a terrible event isn't being offered at a discount. Most famous murder homes are deeply discounted to entice buyers who may be put off by their sordid histories. (Of course, that may not be the case with the "Black Dahlia" murder home in Los Angeles, where the famous murder of Elizabeth Short was thought to have taken place in the 1940s. That home is on the market for $4.89 million.)

WXYZ reported that prosecutors are still discussing the possibility of charging Bob Bashara in Jane's death. Bob is serving a prison sentence of 80 months to 20 years for the attempted hit on Gentz, and Gentz is serving up to 28 years for Jane Bashara's murder.

See the listing for the Bashara home.

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