Phoenix Home Wrecked in Hostage Standoff -- Who's Responsible?

Phoenix home wrecked in hostage standoff

After seeing the ruined interior of a Phoenix home stormed by a SWAT team, some may ask: Did authorities go too far? A wanted man allegedly held five hostages at the house -- including the homeowners. To get inside, officers rammed an armored vehicle into the walls of the house several times. After the chaotic scene, the homeowners invited Phoenix station KNXV-TV inside, where it reported that the home is now unlivable. Along with crumbling walls, the destruction includes bullet holes, shattered glass and blood spatters.

The mess resulted from a police pursuit Monday night of 32-year-old Israel Celis Sr., who allegedly abducted his 3-year-old son and held him hostage along with the others in the home, KNXV reported. Another Phoenix station, KSAZ, said that Celis refused to surrender to officers, leaving them no choice but to use an armored truck on Tuesday morning to drive "nearly entirely into the house."

Bullet holes reportedly riddle the entire structure. And the two bedrooms where the vehicle entered the home are strewn with debris and were nearly obliterated, and it's on this side of the home where KNXV said that blood is found throughout. Celis took his own life in a bathroom there as police closed in and the hostages were freed.

Inside the North Phoenix Home Trashed By SWAT Officers
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Phoenix Home Wrecked in Hostage Standoff -- Who's Responsible?

The homeowners were described as friends of Celis, and asked not to be identified or appear on camera as they told KNXV that they had filed a claim with their insurance agent but did not know whether the City of Phoenix would be involved in the process. They said they were "shaken and upset" about the whole situation and the amount of damage to their home. It was not clear when the home would be livable again.

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