Oscar-Worthy Home Theaters

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Among the highest priorities now for homebuyers with high incomes is that their dwellings have home theaters. According to a survey last year of homebuyers with incomes over $250,000, home theaters ranked above wine cellars, safe rooms, tennis or sports courts and even servants quarters. Of course, what qualifies as a "home theater" is in the eye of the viewer, but it's likely that what these luxury homebuyers have in mind is something more than a big screen and a couple of easy chairs with cupholders. As evidenced by some of the home theaters in the slideshow below, variations include rooms that recreate the movie-show experience as well as spaces adapted to a home's design.

Think nothing beats the experience of sitting down with a bucket of popcorn in a reclining seat at a modern cineplex? What about reclining in a hot tub? In honor of this weekend's Academy Awards presentation, here are AOL Real Estate's picks for the best home theaters we've seen in the past year.

High-End Home Theaters
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Oscar-Worthy Home Theaters

Looking like the screening room of a Hollywood studio head, this room is actually in an Atlanta home -- currently listed for $12.9 million -- that was included among houses in the "Downton Abbey" style. We're not sure the dowager countess would approve.

Who needs a theater balcony when you can view date movies from a loveseat? This ultra-plush setting was recently featured in a post about romantic rooms that set the mood. Indeed.
Even more intimately appointed is this cushy room at the Los Angeles home of glamour photographer Richard Franklin, a house which doubles as his studio. The house is currently for sale at $6.75 million.
Going from Venus to Mars, here's a fan-cave Hall-of-Famer (complete with a display of sports jerseys) that would be just as comfortable a place to watch "Hoosiers" for the umpteenth time as March Madness. 
Speaking of sports, here's the notably jersey-less home theater of a genuine sports notable, former NBA star Scottie Pippen. The vibe is pure 1920s movie palace, in keeping with home's vintage Florida style. The house is back on the market for $11.8 million.
Or perhaps you prefer a viewing area that's integrated into a modern, open plan, as seen in the Chicago-area mansion of Pippen's former teammate, Michael Jordan. After failing to sell at auction with a reserve of $13 million, Jordan's house is back on the market -- at a higher price.   
Going from open plan to practically outdoors, the big screen as seen from the comfort of the hot tub might actually be overshadowed by the mountain view and roaring fire. Still, this room in the over-the-top luxury condo of Papa John's founder John Schnatter seems very "American Hustle." Schnatter is asking a record price for the Utah home.
The elegant townhome of Frank and Teresa Viola on Manhattan's Upper East Side -- on the market for $114 million -- may not be quite as large as the Palace of Versailles, but a grand movie-viewing space like this is one luxury that Louis XIV couldn't have.

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