Here's What You Can Buy With Your Foreclosure Settlement


Despite a $3.6 billion foreclosure settlement that had banks sending checks (some of which bounced) to wronged homeowners, many saw the payouts as a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. According to Salon, 679 homeowners who faced foreclosure -- even though they were never once in default -- got checks for just $5,000, while individuals who had loan modifications approved -- but were still foreclosed upon --were offered a mere $300. More than 80 percent of those receiving checks, reports, will get between $300 and $1,000.

Some were so shocked by the "laughable" settlement checks that they took the Internet to voice their anger. Alexis Goldstein, a former Wall Street vice president and current Occupy Wall Street activist, went so far as to create a self-explanatory Tumblr page titled: "What You Can Buy For Having Your House Stolen." On the site, she listed the various items that wrongly foreclosed-upon individuals could buy with their "egregiously low" settlement checks. We've compiled some of our favorites in the gallery below. (All text and images belong to "What You Can Buy For Having Your House Stolen" unless stated otherwise.)

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Foreclosure Settlement Checks Much Smaller Than Regulators Forecasted
Foreclosure Settlement Checks Much Smaller Than Regulators Forecasted