Is This the World's Most Deceptive Listing?


We know all about deceptive listings (we're kind of experts) but this listing that was found on a Korean website takes it to a whole other level. Described, according to Japanese news blog RocketNews24, as a "stately residence complete with outdoor pool," the listing comes with a stunning picture (above) of what looks like a very sizable infinity pool -- that looks enticingly appropriate for some long, lazy laps -- in the backyard of a beautifully traditional backyard.

Or so we think. Apparently, it's not just descriptions we have to worry about -- pictures lie, too! Because that very large-looking pool in reality looks like, well, this. (See below.)

Kudos to the listing's photographer, however! His deceptive wide-angled photography (more like trickery!) could even be enough to get us to visit the property. Even more kudos to the listing site for publishing pictures of the pool as is. Let it serve as a warning for homebuyers -- beware of listing photos!

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