Careless Chinese Baggage Handler Really Throws Himself Into His Work


This guy should probably look into a new line of work.

A viral video making the rounds this week shows an air-freight handler at Guangzhou Airport in China loading up a cargo plane in the most careless way possible. Over the course of the four-minute video, the handler tosses parcels in the general direction of a conveyor belt, with only about half of the boxes reaching their intended target and the rest tumbling to the tarmac.

Baggage handler

The video was first posted by Australian YouTube user Mark Bridgman a year ago, but it's gone viral this week.

It's not entirely clear what's happening here. This isn't a simple case of an overworked employee rushing to finish his work as quickly as possible -- if anything, his careless approach is going to make things take even longer, as he has to retrieve all the packages that fall onto the tarmac. Has he always been this bad at his job, or has the drudgery gotten to him? Is he just having a bad day? Is he drunk?

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Regardless, it's a good reminder that your packages aren't always treated with the best of care. While this is an extreme example, the man filming notes at one point that he previously saw fragile sewing machines being treated with a similar level of disregard.

And it's not just China: You might recall a viral video of a FedEx deliveryman carelessly tossing a computer monitor over a fence, as well as the one showing Walmart employees gleefully throwing around iPads. And an experiment by Popular Mechanics found that packages actually took more abuse from shippers when they were marked "fragile."

So the next time you're sending someone a package, take the advice that Bridgman includes with the video: "Pack it well, because it won't be treated well."

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