The 'Mole Hole': Price of Living Alone? The Worst Apartment Ever

One thing about renting is for sure: You get what you pay for. Marc Haynes found that out the hard way. When he was ready to leave behind the Philadelphia party pad that he shared with roommates, he though that he'd found a perfect apartment for his return to living solo. Even more perfect was the low rent: $235 a month. But Haynes quickly found out why it was so cheap.

One thing went wrong, then another, then another. The quaint little place in one of Philadelphia's hippest neighbors turned into a nightmare -- and became known by Haynes as the "Mole Hole." Haynes looks back on the time that he thought he was making the best move of his life and now says, "It was the worst decision I've ever made." So what could've gone so wrong? Just about everything. Watch the video above to learn why. Haynes also documented the experience on his blog, Frazzled at Forty.

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Mark Haynes 'Mole Hole' apartment
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