Appraiser's Lessons About Home-Selling, Crafted in Legos

appraiser's lessons in legos, nasty neighbors
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We've always thought that the ideal home appraiser would be someone with the X-ray vision of Superman, the wisdom of Yoda, the calculating mind of Iron Man, and the keen eye for value of Indiana Jones. Maybe that's why we found one California appraiser's use of Lego sets and action figures to be especially appealing in the way it crafts object lessons as to why a home might be languishing on the housing market.

What are the reasons that the Lego-constructed home in the slideshow below been blocked from selling? Appraiser Ryan Lundquist lays it all out at his Sacramento Appraisal Blog -- with, he admits, a little help from his two sons. (The captions set into the images are Lundquist's; those below them are by AOL Real Estate.)

Lessons From an Appraiser, in Legos
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Appraiser's Lessons About Home-Selling, Crafted in Legos
As Lundquist notes, it's already taken nearly a 16 percent markdown and languished on the market for four months. Here are some possible reasons why. ...
The traffic is a turnoff.
The Force in this case never lets them throw anything out.
This home could be your castle -- at least part of it.
It appears to be selling "as is."
It will definitely need a home inspection.
Most homes have a least a few strong points that should be highlighted.
At last, a lair of one's own.

See a few more reasons why the house above has been difficult to sell, at Lundquist's blog.

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