Bet They're Peeved: Texas Town Wrongly Named America's Angriest

man and woman angrily shouting at each otherThe people of Longview, Texas, have something to really be ticked off about after a news article used outdated information to classify the town as the angriest city in America. Esquire magazine crowned Longview with the dishonor in a recent blog post based on data from Gallup's 2012 Well-Being Index. The 2012 survey did not break down anger information by city but pointed to data from 2008 to 2010 that bestowed the dishonor on Longview all three of those years. It was found during that time that 18.7 percent of the population in Longview said that they were angry on any given day, while only 9.2 percent of people in Oceanside, N.J. -- the best-performing city on the anger metric -- said the same.

But after the Esquire post caught the attention of local media outlets in Longview, Gallup quickly changed its lineup with more up-to-date information, telling the Longview News-Journal that Rockford, Ill., is now the angriest city in America. (That oughta make folks in Longview happy.) "It's a good thing to not be, and that's something we can all be happy about," Longview public information officer Shawna Hara told the News-Journal.

Esquire acknowledged in an update to its article that it had used outdated information to determine Longview's standing, but said the updated information was not available at the time of publication. Gallup's Well-Being Index has not been updated online and still indicates Longview as the angriest city in America. Gallup told the News-Journal that in Rockford, 22 percent of residents reported being angry on any given day in 2012, making it the angriest city in America.

Makes sense considering Rockford placed high on Forbes' list of most miserable cities back in February. Forbes tallied the 10 happiest and 10 most miserable cities, which you can see in the gallery below.

Most Miserable and Happiest Cities in America
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Bet They're Peeved: Texas Town Wrongly Named America's Angriest

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