Olivia Wilde Is Proud of Daughter Daisy for Saying She Doesn’t ‘Need a Boy’: ‘That’s My Girl’

Olivia Wilde Shares Sweet Note From Daughter- ‘Don’t Need a Boy’
TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images

Olivia Wilde’s 7-year-old daughter, Daisy, is making her mom very proud.

Wilde, 40, took to Instagram on Monday, June 10, to share a photo of a note Daisy gave her which read, “I have a crush on nobody I don’t need a boy.” The Don’t Worry Darling director captioned the picture, “That’s my girl,” alongside a fist emoji.

Wilde, who shares Daisy and 9-year-old son Otis with ex Jason Sudeikis, has been keen to reinforce her daughter’s inner strength since her earliest years. In 2020, the actress shared with InStyle that she tries to break down the “gender politics” between her two kids at home.

“She’ll clean up [Otis’] plate for him after dinner and I’m like, ‘Put that back!’” Wilde explained. “With Daisy, I have witnessed how women are born with an incredible amount of strength and that society quickly pushes them to assume the more feminine role.”

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The Booksmart director added that there’s plenty of media reinforcing the idea of women making themselves the “weaker” sex.

“My role is to be a safe zone of support that’ll hopefully counteract what society will inevitably do to them,” Wilde shared. “When Daisy hits a place where she questions her worth, I want to be the one to remind her of the strength she innately has.”

In turn, she noted in an interview with Vanity Fair in September 2022, her kids give her that perseverance right back.

“We almost find more strength in protecting others than protecting ourselves,” the filmmaker shared. “I think that I am able to withstand all of the nonsense because I’m protecting them.”

Olivia Wilde Shares Sweet Note From Daughter- ‘Don’t Need a Boy’
Courtesy of Olivia Wilde/Instagram

Wilde added that “nothing is more important” to her than her kids. “I love driving to school every morning,” she said. “I love making pancakes. I love putting them to bed every night. They’re my best friends.”

When it comes to coparenting alongside Sudeikis, 48, Wilde told the outlet that she received plenty of blowback from outsiders, who issued judgment over the fact that she dated Harry Styles following her split from the Ted Lasso actor. (Wilde and Styles, 30, eventually called it quits in 2022.)

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“I’ve had women judging me for separating from Jason. There are people who feel entitled to hurl horrendous insults at me and my family. Telling me I’m a terrible mother. Threatening me and my kids or saying I should lose my children,” she said, adding, “When they are with their father, I trust him to be a great parent. So when they’re not with me, I continue to live my life. But the judgment I’ve seen from people for living my life …”