You can now find Yuengling beer in bars and stores throughout Missouri and Kansas

Courtesy of the Yuengling company.

After the Super Bowl, Pennsylvania-based brewery D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. couldn’t wait to bring its classic beer to the city of champions.

Yuengling beer is now officially available in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma.

The brewery is known for its Traditional Lager and Golden Pilsner beers, which have previously only been sold regionally, mostly east of the Mississippi.

According to Yuengling’s “beer finder” tool, Yuengling beer can be found at more than 170 bars in the Kansas City area, including Gilhouly’s, Drunken Worm, Pressed Penny Tavern and the Grand Street Cafe. The beer now is available in 23 other states in addition to Missouri, Kansas and Ohlahoma.

“As a 6th generation family-owned business, we have been making great quality beer for over 194 years and today we couldn’t be happier to welcome beer drinkers in these new states into our Yuengling community,” Yuengling Chief Administrative Officer Wendy Yuengling said in a statement.

The Yuengling brand has a number of beers to choose from including the traditional and light lager, the golden pilsner, the dark brewed porter, the FLIGHT by Yuengling, Bongo Fizz and more.

“The opportunity to engage and serve a new set of fans from some of the most iconic beer-drinking states is an opportunity we take very seriously. We are confident about meeting high expectations and delivering the very best, great tasting Yuengling beers that have built our quality reputation over 194 years,” Yuengling General Manager Pat Pikunas said in a statement.