Nicolas Cage's 100%-rated horror movie confirms UK release date

Nicolas Cage's new horror confirms UK release dateBlack Bear Pictures

Nicolas Cage's upcoming horror Longlegs has landed a UK release date.

The horror from writer-director Oz Perkins, son of Psycho actor Anthony Perkins, earned a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is now crawling into cinemas, being released in both the UK and the US on July 12.

Also starring It Follows' Maika Monroe, Longlegs sees a serial killer played by Cage being hunted down by the FBI.

Black Bear Pictures

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When agent Lee Harker (Monroe) realises she has a personal connection to the case, she needs to take action before it's too late and works to uncover a series of clues left behind by the murderer.

The official synopsis reads: "As the investigation becomes more complicated with occult evidence uncovered, Harker realises a personal link to the killer and must act quickly to prevent another family murder."

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Hailed by Slash Film as "the most terrifying horror movie of 2024", Longlegs also stars Alicia Witt and Blair Underwood.

Cage has been largely absent from the promotional material for the movie (with the exception of the creepy sound of his snivelling at the end of the trailer), with the choice to keep his killer out of sight hinting at a slow-burning, terrifying reveal.

Meanwhile, the teaser follows Monroe's agent as she's intent on deciphering the codes the murderer leaves at the gruesome scenes, with her boss questioning if she's withholding information from them.

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While Longlegs is set to have another of Cage's memorable performances, it seems the actor is seriously considering retiring from Hollywood, as he explained to Vanity Fair last December.

"It's starting to solidify — I'm starting to cement my plan. I may have three or four more movies left in me," he said.

Longlegs is out in cinemas in the US on July 12.

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