How Niall Horan's girlfriend of 3 years reacted to songs about her on new album

Niall Horan is sharing girlfriend Amelia Woolley’s sweet reaction to the love songs he wrote about her that are featured on his on new album, "The Show."

The former One Direction star and “Voice” coach, 29, told "Entertainment Tonight Canada" that his three-year relationship with Woolley has inspired him to write more upbeat music.

“Usually it’s the love songs are heartbreak songs, so it’s nice to be able to write better, you know, more happier stuff," said the Irish musician.

Niall Horan and Mia Woolley (David M. Benett / Getty Images)
Niall Horan and Mia Woolley (David M. Benett / Getty Images)

Horan added of Woolley's reaction to the songs, “I think she’s just like, what? Really? She’s like, taken aback, I suppose.”

Horan made fans go wild on June 9 when he performed his No. 1 hit "Heaven" and other several songs as part of TODAY's Citi Concert Series.

Horan's fellow "Voice" coach Blake Shelton sent a few words of encouragement in a video to celebrate the singer's performance on the plaza.

"Hey, Niall. It’s your old hero, Blake Shelton here,” Shelton said, prompting laugher from Horan.

“Just wanted to say good luck today on your TODAY show performance,” he continued. “I miss you, buddy.”

And the niceties stopped there. Shelton then switched gears to tease Horan about his Season 23 win on “The Voice” with contestant Gina Miles.

“Now that it’s over with, I can tell you that I wrote it into the script that you were going to win ‘The Voice,'” the country singer joked as Horan began laughing even harder.

“Congrats buddy,” Shelton added more seriously. “Good luck on the tour. Good luck on all the new music. I’ll see you down the road.”

After the message ended, it was time for Horan to joke about Shelton, who retired from "The Voice" this year after 23 seasons.

“Good ol’ pops,” said Horan, laughing.

“When I won ‘The Voice,’ the only thing he said to me was, ‘I taught you everything you know,’” he added.

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