Ángela Aguilar addresses scrutiny of Christian Nodal romance: 'Let people talk'

When it comes to matters of the heart, Ángela Aguilar tunes out the noise.

The Mexican singer, whose highly publicized romance with fellow singer Christian Nodal has drawn scrutiny, opened up about the relationship in an interview with Quién published Monday.

Last week, Aguilar and Nodal confirmed their relationship in an exclusive with HOLA!. The revelation came just two weeks after Nodal announced his separation from Argentinian singer Cazzu.

"People don’t have to know my truth. I feel like if I explain it, I make myself guilty of something that I didn’t even do," Aguilar told the outlet in Spanish. "That’s why I rarely defend myself. Moreover, I don’t think I ever defend myself."

She added: "Let people talk and say what they will. I know who I am, and the important people in my life also know."

Ángela Aguilar talks love life: Mexican singer confirms relationship with Christian Nodal amid his recent breakup

Ángela Aguilar talks public backlash over Christian Nodal relationship

Aguilar, whose father is Regional Mexican icon Pepe Aguilar, also reflected on how growing up in a famous family influenced her decision to go public with her relationship.

Christian Nodal, left, and Ángela Aguilar perform onstage during Premios Juventud 2019 at Watsco Center in Coral Gables, Florida, on July 18, 2019.
Christian Nodal, left, and Ángela Aguilar perform onstage during Premios Juventud 2019 at Watsco Center in Coral Gables, Florida, on July 18, 2019.

"I am the daughter of Pepe Aguilar and the granddaughter of (Mexican singer) Flor Silvestre, and if they’ve shown me anything, it’s that you have to live your truth (and) sing your love," Aguilar said. "I have been very private because I have received a lot of criticism in the past and also because that’s how my parents have lived their lives. They’ve been married 27 years, and the only thing that’s known about them is when they appear on the red carpet."

The "Gotitas Saladas" singer said she didn't want public scrutiny to "rob me of the opportunity to live the phase that I’m in," adding she’s "never had the opportunity to feel like this, to live this dream, to grow."

Ángela Aguilar, Christian Nodal go public with romance

Less than a month after Nodal announced his breakup with Cazzu, Aguilar and Nodal revealed their relationship with an exclusive in "HOLA!" magazine.

"It is not a new relationship; it's the continuation of a story that life made us pause so we could grow and miss each other," the singers said in a statement at the time. "Because when we let go, we returned even closer."

The publication also shared photos of the couple. In one of the photos, Nodal could be seen hugging Aguilar and kissing her on the neck.

In May, Nodal shared on social media that he and then-girlfriend Cazzu had separated. The news came eight months after the singers welcomed a daughter in September 2023.

'I am deeply grateful': Christian Nodal announces split from girlfriend Cazzu

Shortly following his announcement with Aguilar, Nodal addressed cheating rumors surrounding his former relationship with Cazzu in a lengthy Instagram video.

"There was no infidelity,” Nodal said in Spanish. “Sometimes love just doesn't work out, and now I find myself living a beautiful experience with a woman that I love and with a love that took so many years to become what it is now."

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