Watch Christian McCaffrey’s mom rock the dance floor at the NFL star's wedding to Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo is sharing a video of her new mother-in-law, Lisa McCaffrey, showing off her dance moves after Culpo tied the knot with McCaffrey's son, NFL star Christian McCaffrey.

“Didn’t see this clip until now and just had to share. Best MIL in the world!!!” the model and former Miss Universe captioned the video, which she posted July 7 on TikTok.

The short clip shows Lisa McCaffrey at the couple's reception, boogying down to Earth, Wind & Fire's classic R&B hit "September" in a little black dress.

“Go mother in law!!” Culpo wrote on the clip.

Lisa McCaffrey also shared the video on her Instagram page, writing, "So happy! Can’t stop dancing. I love my DIL!"

Fancy footwork is nothing new for Lisa McCaffrey, who was a soccer star as a student at Stanford University. Meanwhile, her husband, Ed McCaffrey, played for 13 seasons in the NFL, racking up three Super Bowl wins.

Culpo and their son tied the knot June 29 in in a Watch Hill, Rhode Island, chapel.

Days later, the San Francisco 49ers running back defended his new bride after an online fashion influencer criticized her long-sleeved Dolce & Gabbana wedding gown.

"What an evil thing to post online. I hope you can find joy and peace in the world, the way my beautiful wife does,” Christian McCaffrey wrote in the comments of an Instagram video posted July 2 by Kennedy Bingham, who calls herself the Gown Eyed Girl on social media.

In her critique, which was also posted on TikTok, Bingham slammed remarks Culpo made to Vogue in a feature story about her wedding that included images of her wearing her gown.

Culpo told the publication she didn't want the gown to "exude sex in any way, shape or form" and said she preferred to be married in a gown that was “as serious” as the commitment of marriage.

Bingham objected to Culpo's remark in her video critique. “You can be married in your underwear and be taking your marriage vows very seriously,” she said. “What you wear on your wedding day has almost nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to have a long and happy marriage.”

She went on to accuse Culpo of pushing a “conservative agenda” with her remarks and said her wedding came across like a “conservative campaign.”

Culpo herself fired back at another TikTok user who insinuated that Vogue was incorrect when it reported that Culpo wore no mascara, lip liner or eyebrow makeup on her wedding day.

“I never felt more beautiful than when I was in my ceremony dress and under my veil — I really wanted the simplicity of each component to harmonize perfectly,” Culpo told the magazine.

A a TikTok user named @jessweslie implied that the Culpo was inaccurate when she told Vogue she wore little makeup, and no mascara at all, on her wedding day.

“I’m gonna need Vogue to be astronomically for real right now, because we know Olivia Culpo has a lash lift," the user wrote, adding, "Obviously she's not going to be wearing mascara."

The user added Vogue's account of Culpo's makeup "gave me such weird vibes."

Culpo responded in the comments of the video, "It was an interview….. they asked me what my makeup was………………………..”

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