Surveillance video shows Bronx teen trying to hide in bodega from machete-wielding attackers

New security video shows a slain Bronx teen trying in vain to hide from his machete-wielding attackers in a bodega moments before he was dragged to his death.

The footage, posted to Instagram, shows Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, 15, running into the bodega on E. 183rd St. near Bathgate Ave. in Belmont on Wednesday night. The terrified teen he climbs over the counter to hide with the help of a cashier, who initially appears hesitant.

His assailants are seen charging into the Cruz and Chiky Grocery and running around the side of the counter as the clip ends. In another video, Lesandro is dragged from the store and hacked and stabbed with machetes.

Cops have said he was wrongly targeted by a gang, and are investigating whether he was mistaken for another youth who was featured in a sex tape posted to social media.

A second video posted to Instagram shows a bloody Lesandro stumbling back into the store and trying to beg for help. The clerk recoils and then appears to tell him to leave. Lesandro then turns and leaves of the store.

Six suspects in the murder waived extradition at a hearing in Paterson, N.J. this afternoon. They were remanded to the Passaic County Jail until the NYPD can pick them up.

“They're all extremely concerned for their families, which are being threatened constantly.: Judith Fallon, who represents two of the alleged killing crew said after the court appearance.

"Social media has been very active about this case," she added. "You only have to go on social media to see that tempers are running very very high — understandably high."

"This is a terrible, terrible case," Fallon said, urging, "Stop the street justice. Let the system take its course." All six are facing murder, manslaughter and assault charges.

Cops have arrested at least two others, and more may be placed in handcuffs as the investigation progresses.

Outraged people posting on social media have called for the closure of the bodega because employees didn’t help the teen.