SEE IT: 1-eyed fruit bat Statler cuddles like kitten with volunteer

Statler is more cat than bat.

The 33-year-old, one-eyed rescue bat has become a viral sensation thanks to his adoring handlers at Bat World Sanctuary in northern Texas.

When Statler, believed to be the oldest living fruit bat in captivity, isn’t being taken on human-aided flights, he’s curling up like a kitten with volunteers.

“He goes out for his flights daily. Because of all of his injuries and his age, we hold him,” explained a Bat World volunteer, identified only as Moriah, for animal-lovers site The Dodo. “We fly him to the kitchen . . . to the huge bowl of snacks and let him grab his snack.”

Statler is treated like a winged king at the reserve, receiving warm sponge baths in the morning and then gets to enjoy afternoon sunbathing sessions, according to Moriah.

“He’s got just so much love and life,” she explained.

A volunteer with prized bat Statler.
A volunteer with prized bat Statler.

A volunteer with prized bat Statler. (The Dodo/)

When Statler isn’t hanging out with Moriah and other humans, he’s relaxing with Starlie and Chessie, two other bat pals.

“It’s so funny because they’re all, in the morning, are out of their hammocks. And they’re all face-to-face hanging like they’re having a morning meeting,” noted Moriah. “We’re not sure what they’re doing or talking about, but it’s probably about us!”

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Established in 1994, Bat World Sanctuary rescues hundreds of bats that might otherwise die, according to the website. Lifetime sanctuary is granted to those animals that have been rescued from the pet trade, orphaned or injured.

Bats usually live up to 20 years, according to Smithsonian. They also beneficially control the insect population and occasionally pollinate flowers and scatter seed plants.